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"This adorable dog is the barista of the in-game café. He’ll serve coffee to various residents and talk with you when you visit!"
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Barista (マスター?, Master), also known as the Dog (犬?, Inu), is a dog that works at the Café, and is always available for a chat with the player.


Barista can be found in various places throughout the series. He is always wearing headphones and listening to music. He is older than he looks and has a deep sense of speaking. It seems that he is always watching over the player, wherever they are in the game[1].

The Dog's various appearances include the Menu and epilogues to Rhythm Datsumo, Rhythm Datsumo 2, Rhythm Datsumo TempoUpExtra2.png and Live in Rhythm Tengoku and its arcade version, the epilogues to Remix 5, Remix 7 and Karate Man 2 in Rhythm Heaven, and somewhat more prominently in the credits games Airboarder and Night Walk, where he also provides feedback on the player's performance in the former.

The Dog writes a letter to the player, introducing himself as the manager of the Café. He mentions that many of his customers also like to listen to music, and have achieved many Perfects. He admits that running the Café is just a front, and that he spends most of his time playing with his headphones. He asks the player to pet him if they happen to run into each other. When visiting the Café, Barista himself is not seen. In Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Rhythm Heaven Megamix, a speech bubble with the Barista appears over the Café icon whenever he wants to talk to the player. In Rhythm Heaven Fever, a "Good luck!" stamp with the Barista's face appears when selecting a Rhythm Game. The Barista is implied to be the narrator during key moments of the story of Rhythm Heaven Megamix. When visiting the Café in this game, he can be seen on the counter for the first time in the series. He is also the last opponent fought in Figure Fighter VS.

The Dog appears in Rhythm Tengoku Gold Comic 04 “ワン”ス アポン ア タイムの巻き ("On"ce Upon a Time by Maki), which shows his origins as a young puppy in the rain. One day, a human finds him and gives him his red headphones. The dog, despite being shocked by them at first, insists on keeping them. The two stay together for a while, but soon the dog grows up and is left all alone. The last panel shows the Barista sitting in the Café. He makes a brief appearance at the end of 08 DJ上京物語 その3:レッツ!スクラッチョの巻き (DJ Going to Tokyo Part 3: Let's! Scratch-o by Maki), running past DJ Yellow and Student, and the beginning of 09 にぎやかでおだやかな夜の巻き (A lively and peaceful night by Maki), where he is seen serving a customer, asking them how good their rhythm is today, before seeing them off as they leave.

The Barista also appears in several Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comics. In 01 同窓会 (Reunion), he greets various characters to the Café, until the Martian appears, with Barista being confused who they are before they leave. In 02 火星人再襲来 (Martian Reinvasion), the Martian returns a few days after the reunion, and gets too close for comfort as Barista tries to welcome them to Rhythm Heaven. In 10ヤギとマスター (The Goat and Barista), Saffron sells The Goat to the Barista for real cheap, saying her milk is delicious. The goat begins to chow down on turnips, causing the Barista to worry, as she hasn't produced milk, and is only eating every day. He worries that the goat is only getting bigger, and might not fit in the Café soon. He thinks about changing the way he raises the goat as a customer comes in. In 12おかねもちになったら (When you get Rich), the Barista sees Saffron is sad, and asks him what's wrong. Saffron says he'd like to get money. After being asked what he would do if he got rich, Saffron starts thinking about things like buying Paprika new goggles, traveling, how he doesn't like Saltwater and other things, but refuses to actually say anything. In 17テビリとマスター (Tibby and Barista), as Tibby shares a peach with Barista, he asks him how old he is. The dog claims he is 100 years older than Tibby, then says he was just kidding. In 22ヤギとイエモン (Goat and Saffron) Saffron is struggling to take The Goat on a walk, as Barista is too small. As he's struggling, the goat ends up running away. The Barista watches the chase from afar and comments on their rhythm.


Whenever the player visits the Café, they can talk to Barista, who talks about whatever is going on in the game. If the player visits the Café for the first time in the game, Barista greets them while setting up for the day, explaining what he can do to help the player[2], and in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, that they can view the Museum and change various settings, and more[3]. Barista responds to the player replaying the same game over and over, depending on their Rank[4][5]. Barista also offers to let the player skip a game if they're having trouble on it[6]. In Rhythm Heaven Fever, he also offers to show a demonstration video of the game being played perfectly[7]. In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, he no longer offers such services, as Rupert takes this role instead. The Barista sometimes gives the player advice to take breaks and often gives them coffee on the house[8]. He ultimately congratulates the player when they achieve a Perfect in every single Rhythm Game, and opens the rest of the content in the reading and music corners to celebrate, and in Rhythm Heaven Fever's case, directs them to the Endless Games[9]. He no longer does this in Rhythm Heaven Megamix however, and the acknowledgement and bonus content are unlocked through other means. Instead, he tells the player about new things being unlocked when they visit the Café, such as the Goat Stable[10], the Shop[11], the museum curator[12], Figure Fighter VS[13] and Slide Shows[14]. He also mentions his accidental discovery that The Goat can be fed with Coins[15], how to access the Endless Games[16], the secret drumming minigame when viewing the epilogue slide show or in Play Music[17] and about Rhythm Help Display[18].

Barista enjoys playing Rhythm Games, and is shown to improve as the series goes on. He mentions how his highest score on the Rhythm-kan Check machine is only 65 points during Rhythm Tengoku due to him having trouble with the rests on the second test[19], while in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, his Flow is shown to have gone up to 95. He tells the player to not worry about the Flow score, however[20]. He mentions the three Ranks the player can achieve and about Medals[21] and Perfect Campaigns[22]. He loves the extra tension when going for a Perfect[23]. He likes to mess around with Rhythm Toys and often loses track of time because of it[24], and has played one of the Two Player games with an unknown second player, though it may be implied he played with two controllers by himself[25]. He took a ride on the Challenge Train with a group of friends[26].

When not talking about the player's progress or upcoming Perfect Campaigns[27], the Barista makes small talk with the player, relaying things he's heard from other customers, or from his own past, mostly about music. He talks about how a conversation can be made through musical instruments[28], about offbeats[29] and the sense of rhythm in general[30]. He has tried playing many instruments: he took piano lessons at a young age, before realizing he only likes the sound of it rather than playing it[31]. He has taken Drum Lessons once a week, but never improved, and seems to find the drums to be difficult[32]. He bought a guitar from a friend and practiced all the time, but had trouble playing the F chord due to a lack of thumbs[33][34]. He also considers picking up many other instruments every now and then, though most of the time he never gets around to actually doing it[35].

Unsurprisingly, the Barista loves coffee. He can tell the name of any kind of coffee just from the smell[36]. He used to drink it mild with milk and cream, but eventually started to prefer the bitter taste of black coffee[37][38]. The Barista sees the world as getting "crazier and crazier", and invites the player to rest at the Café[39]. He enjoys listening to all kinds of music, live music whenever he gets the chance[40], slow music[41], and anything from classical to heavy metal on his own time[42]. He listens to music when he feels sad[43][44] or sleepy[45]. He is also known to feel sleepy after playing all night[46] and reflexively start screaming when he gets excited, which has startled many customers over the years[47][48][49]. Sometimes, he appears to mix up orders[50]. When he was in his prime, customers used to bring all the latest games to the Café, and the Barista would always be the first in line to play them. He remembers these days fondly while talking about Extra Games[51]. The Barista sometimes thinks about the phylosophy behind music[52], outer space and atoms[53], the effects of music on plants[54], the origins of the names of musical notes[55], music as whole[56], and even how sound itself is produced[57]. He likes to go to the movies whenever possible, and enjoys eating popcorn while waiting the most[58]. He is known to go jogging to get in shape, and finds it to be more enjoyable while listening to music[59] alongside the ocean[60]. He goes to the beach annually in the fall to listen to the relaxing sound of the waves[61].

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the player may sometimes get to talk to other customers, who sometimes mention something about the Barista. Boondog supports the Barista's business, and mentions he always provides honey with the tea[62], but the Barista was hurt when he caught the beehound putting too much honey, and being unable to taste the tea[63]. Boondog also suspects he and the Barista might be related[64].




In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese イヌ
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Dog
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Dog
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Le chien The dog
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish El perrillo The dog
Flag of Germany.svg German Hund Dog
Flag of Italy.svg Italian CagnoLino Doggie
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 강아지 Doggie
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese マスター Master
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Barista
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Barista
Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg FrenchNOA Le barista[72] The barista
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg FrenchNOE Le patron
The owner
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Encargado Manager
Flag of Germany.svg German Der Barista
The barista
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Il barista
The barista
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch De barista[73] The barista
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese O empregado[74] The employee
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 마스터 Master


  1. キャラクターアルバム もろもろ (Character Album Various)
  2. "Welcome to the café! Is this your first time here? Feel free to stop by anytime you find the games too hard or you just want to take a break. If there's anything I can do to help, well, that's what I'm here for. I'm a little busy right now, since I only just opened for the day, but we'll talk more later. Come back soon!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  3. "Hello there! Is this your first time here? This is the Café. Feel free to come by anytime you're stuck or just need a pick-me-up. I'm still getting the place set up, but... I've got a lot in store. You're gonna love it here. You won't be able to stay away! Let's see... One place that's open right now is the museum on the far right. You'll see it yourself, but it's kinda like your own personal vault. Keep your stuff in there, come by to visit it--you know. Spend quality time with your possessions. Oh, and be sure to notice Settings at the bottom of the Touch Screen in here. You can change a bunch of stuff, like... switching the controls from buttons to Simple Tap inputs with the stylus. Try 'em both! You can switch whenever you like. Oh, look at me--talking too long again. I should get back to work, but we'll talk more later, eh? See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  4. Hello there! I see that you've been playing a lot of [rhythm game]. Are you, by any chance, practicing for the Perfect Campaign? Well, if so, color me impressed. I'll be rooting for you! See you later, champ!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  5. "Hello there! I don't mean to pry, but I've been noticing... You really love [rhythm game], don't you? Seeing you continue playing even after the Perfect Campaign... well, I was moved almost to tears. Such passion! Such dedication! I hope you enjoy playing [rhythm game] for a good, long time! See you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  6. "You've been doing really well lately, but, well, don't take this the wrong way... Has [rhythm game] been giving you some trouble? Because I can make it so you can just skip that game altogether. What do you say?" ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  7. "I can show you how to do it, and you could try again...or you can skip that one and move on. What do you think?" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  8. "How are you feeling? If you try to focus on a game for too long, it can really wear you out. Try to take a break every now and then. Oh, coffee's on the house. See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  9. "Oh, welcome back! Hey, I heard a funny rumor about you... It was something about a Perfect... What do you mean, you got them all? Like, all of them? Well, THAT's impressive! You must be pretty pleased with yourself! I'm pleased for you too. I'm always amazed at what people can do when they really dedicate themselves. You'll also be happy to hear I've opened up all of the books and songs in the reading and music corners. Feel free to come and browse anytime you like. Oh, one more thing! I'm sure you still can't get enough of the games... So why not visit the Endless Games section? Oh, don't you know about them? Well, finding out about them for yourself is all part of the fun! Good work out there, by the way. You've earned a break. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  10. "Hello there! Sorry, but I have a small favor to ask. Where to start...? So I was thinking that it'd be nice to have fresh milk for the coffee here, right? ...And, long story short, there's a goat living here now. Yes. A goat. So far, though, she hasn't produced any milk, even though she's always eating. Right. The favor I was going to ask: Will you help me raise my goat? I don't know if she'll ever actually produce milk, but... I feel like feeding her can only lead to good things. So, what do you think? It won't take much of your time. And it's fun to feed her. You can feed her the turnips from the garden next to the stable. Feel free to pick 'em all. They grow back real quick. Please...please take good care of my baby!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  11. "Hello there! Big news! We finally got the Shop open now. ...But there's something odd about it. Would you go check it out sometime? It's just right over there on the side. Let me know what you think!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  12. "Hello there! Oh, I should tell you... Big staffing news around here. The museum went and hired a curator. Seems pretty legit. He comes off real serious. Go chat with him sometime. See you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  13. "Hello there! Do you know about this "Figure Fighter VS" game? I guess it's the new fighting game that everybody's playing now. The rules are real simple: you control a Muscle Doll and make it punch with good timing. You're trying to blow up the balloon over your opponent's head. Word is you can even fight with people you don't know. You kids today... In one of these fights, you never know who you'll be up against. Could be your ex, could be your best friend! I've been thinking about getting it set up at my Café. So I opened up the space at the far left and called it StreetPass Terrace. Check it out sometime, if you're interested. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  14. "Hello there! I've got a bit of news for you! You know how you can see epilogues from games you've unlocked in the museum, right? Now you can check out some cool Slide Shows, too. Just push the play button under an epilogue to start the show. Maybe have a cup of coffee and look back at your accomplishments? See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  15. "Hello there! Oh, I remember what I was going to tell you! It's about our goat. Besides the turnips she's always eaten... it turns out she'll also eat coins. Don't ask how I found this out. I mention this because I know you've gotten a few coins from the games. Don't spend them all in one goat!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  16. "Hello there! By the way, have you met the Gatekeeper Trio? They are three brothers who stand mysteriously in front of gates. I hear something good happens when you clear all three courses inside each gate. I think you should give it a try when you can. Good luck! I'll see you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  17. "Hello there! Oh, hey, did you know you can now watch the epilogue slide show in the museum? I'll tell you a secret about that... If you start while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, something good may happen. Try that in Play Music too. That's all the trade secrets I can give away in one visit. See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  18. "Hello there! Oh, hey--if you ever have a hard time when you're practicing for a rhythm game... remember that Rhythm Help Display will appear on the Touch Screen. It shows you the timing and the rhythm in a handy visual format. You'll probably find it handy when you're just getting started, but... eventually you'll "feel" the rhythm without the need for visual cues. I understand some people even play rhythm games with their eyes closed! Something to think about, anyway. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  19. "それはそうと、最近 「リズム感測定」してます? 私も ときどき やるんですけど 65点くらいが 限界なんですよねぇ…なかなか どうして 2つめのテストが うまく できないんですヨ。空白を カウントするってのは ムズいもんですね~。ま、ぼちぼち やっていきましょうネ。では また。" (By the way, have you been taking the "Rhythm Sokutei" lately? I do it sometimes, but my limit is about 65 points... I can't seem to get the second test right. It's hard to count the blanks, isn't it? Well, let's just take it slow. See you soon.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  20. "I hope you're not spending too much time worrying about Flow... You know what I mean. It's the number that rises or falls when you finish a game. The way I see it, it's like Flow is an evaluation of your overall progress. If you've got a good Flow score, you've probably got a good sense of rhythm. But your score won't affect the game at all. So don't sweat it too much. See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  21. "それはそうと、ゲームで 「ハイレベル」っていう成績を とったことありますか? ゲームの成績は「やりなおし」「平凡」「ハイレベル」の3つが、あるんですヨ。で、「ハイレベル」をとると メダルが もらえるんです。メダルを 集めると いろいろな おまけが 遊べるようになるので がんばって 集めてくださいネ。ご存知でしたら つまらない話でしたネ。すみません。ではまた。" (By the way, have you ever received a "Superb" grade in a game? There are three grades in the game: "Try Again", "OK", and "Superb. When you get a "Superb" grade, you get a medal. The more medals you collect, the more extras you get to play with, so please try your best to collect them. If you already know this, I'm sorry to have bored you. See you later.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  22. "What are you doing here? Didn't you notice you've got a chance to go for a Perfect? Maybe you need some tips, and that's why you're here? All I have to say is that you get only three shots at it before it goes away, so be careful and confident! See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  23. "Oh, I heard you're right in the middle of going for a Perfect. Personally, I love that feeling--all that extra tension when you play... But don't let it get to you! Just do your best, and you'll be fine. Oh, and did I mention that you only get three chances to get Perfect before it goes away? Play carefully! See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  24. "That reminds me--have you had a chance to check out the Rhythm Toys yet? They're a little different from the other games, but also lots of fun. I tend to lose all track of time when I get into them. I guess they're so addictive because they're so simple, huh? If you haven't spent any time in the Rhythm Toys section, you should definitely check them out. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  25. "Have you tried out any of the two-player games yet? I tried one myself recently. It's so much more fun with a friend! You get a real sense of achievement through cooperating together. Huh? Who was my partner? Er... I'll tell you another time... See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  26. "Hello there! Hey, have you ridden the Challenge Train yet? I finally took a ride the other day. Playing with other people was really different. I'm kinda shy, but it was fun! I got, like, how would you say it, a sense of harmony with my friends. It's cool. And if you go there as a group, the challenge fare is free! Maybe you should find some people and go try it out? See you soon!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  27. "Say, I heard there's a chance for a Perfect coming up in [rhythm game]! I think you've got a good chance of clearing it. I'll be rooting for you while I'm here washing the cups. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  28. "それはそうと、リズムで 会話ができるって 知ってました? リズムパターンに 言葉や 意味を 対応させて、会話をするんだそうです。タイコの大きな音で リズムをきざんで はなれた人と コミュニケーションを とるらしいんですヨ。このまえ いらっしゃった お客さんが 教えてくれたんですけど、ちょっと 面白そうじゃないですか? でも もし、ドラムで 選挙演説とか ボンゴで 夫婦ゲンカとかあったら やかましそうですネ。ははは。" (By the way, did you know that you can have conversations using rhythm? It's said that people can communicate by attributing words and meanings to rhythmic patterns. It's said that they can communicate with people from far away by making rhythmic patterns with the loud sound of a taiko drum. A customer told me about it the other day, and I thought it sounded interesting. But if there were campaign speeches on the drums, or battles between spouses on the bongos, it would be awful. Hahaha." ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  29. "それはそうと、この世界でよく聞く 「ウラ」って どういうものか 知ってますか? ま、私も それほど 詳しくはないので アレなんですけどネ。たとえば、音楽にあわせて 自然に手をたたくとしますね。その 手びょうしと手びょうしの ちょうど まん中のタイミングが 「ウラ」なんだそうです。まぁ、そういうモン らしいです。テキトーで ごめんなさいネ。では また。" (By the way, do you know what "offbeat" means in this world? Well, I don't know much about it, so I'm not sure. For example, let's say you clap your hands spontaneously in time with music. The timing right in the middle of the hand claps is called the "offbeat". Well, that seems to be the case. Sorry for my rambling. See you later.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  30. "それはそうと、リズム感って 人間にとって どういうものなんでしょうねぇ。ま、私なんかは あんまり いしきすることも ないんですがね。私も ゲーム してみようかな…でも、リズム感が よくなると きっと ちょっと ハッピーに なるんでしょうね。" (I wonder what the sense of rhythm is like for humans. Well, I don't have much of a sense of rhythm. Maybe I should trying the game myself... But I'm sure that a better sense of rhythm will make you a little happier.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  31. "Hello there! I used to take piano lessons when I was a kid. I just loved that sound. I'd play it all the time. Then one day, I realized... that I liked listening to the piano better than I liked playing it. That's why I spend all my time here now... making coffee and listening to piano music. It's a pretty good life." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  32. "それはそうと、おまけコーナーの ドラムレッスンって やったことあります? 私は 週に1回だけ レッスンを うけてるんですが、なかなか 上達しませんねぇ。先生が、こういうのは すききらいが あるから、ムリして しないでネって 言ってましたけど、レッスンを やりだすと これが なかなか やめられないんですよね~。ま、楽器は すぐには うまくならないでしょうし、じっくりと つきあってみましょうかね…" (By the way, have you ever taken a drum lesson? I take a lesson once a week, but I can't seem to improve. The teacher told me not to push myself too hard because I have my own likes and dislikes, but once I start taking lessons, I can't stop. Well, I guess you can't get good at an instrument right away, so let's just take our time with it...") ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  33. "Recently, a friend let me mess around a bit on his guitar. I love playing, but it's really tough for me. For some reason, I always have trouble with the F chord. It must be because of my small hands... Of course, nothing feels quite as good as playing a good song! I should probably spend more time practicing. See you around. ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  34. "Hello there! I was just thinking about the guitar I bought from a friend a long time ago. I was super motivated to learn, and I practiced all the time, but... I got stuck learning the F chord, just like my friend predicted. Apparently you need more thumbs than I have access to. Not that I'm bitter. When I see some hominid playing guitar well, it looks so easy... I know they worked hard to get good, but so did I, you know? Sorry. You didn't come here to listen to a sad, thumbless dog. I'll see you later. ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  35. "You know, every now and then, I think about taking up a musical instrument. Most of the time, it doesn't get much farther than that: thinking about it. I hear drums aren't too tough on you. Someone once told me the best drummers can do amazing things without using too much force at all. So what are they saying? That drums are easy? I don't know about that... See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  36. "I guess it's no surprise that I love coffee. For me, it's all about the aroma... I can always spot quality coffee in one or two good sniffs. Actually, if I might brag for a minute, I can tell you the name of a given coffee from the smell alone. Try me! Good coffee is one of life's great pleasures. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  37. "How do you like your coffee, bitter or mild? ...And did you always like it that way? When I was young, I didn't like anything bitter. I wonder why I prefer bitter coffee now...? Oh, the milk's over there. Help yourself to however much you want. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  38. "Hello there! Do you like your coffee black or with milk and sugar? I remember being shocked by how bitter it was when I first tried black coffee. I thought milk and sugar were necessary for my survival! But once I got used to it, I began to understand the flavor. Well-brewed coffee has many mysteries. It's important to explore them in turn. Anyway, room for cream for you today?" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  39. "You know, I work here in this cafe every day. And the world outside just seems to get crazier and crazier. But my cafe always stays exactly the same. So stop by every now and then when things get too crazy out there, OK? See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  40. "Do you ever go out to hear live music? It's one of my favorite things to do, actually. I don't get out as often as I'd like, since I need to keep this place running... But, hey, if you go to any good live shows, let me know! See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  41. "Hello there! It's probably obvious, but I listen to a lot of music. And sometimes I like to listen to very slow music. And it usually makes me kind of sleepy. I get sleepy listening to music I love. Is that strange? Does it ever happen to you? Maybe it's just me..." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  42. "Hello there! My customers are always asking me what kind of music I listen to. They never seem to believe me that I listen to everything, from classical to heavy metal. Are you surprised? Obviously I don't play heavy metal in the Café. It's not conducive to conversation. But I don't live in this Café, you understand. I'd like to know what kinds of music you enjoy. Let's talk about that next time. See you soon!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  43. "それはそうと、悲しいときって どうしてますか? 私は もっぱら 音楽を ききますねぇ。けっこう古いレコードなんかを 出してきて 当時を 思い出したりすると、ホッとするんです。音楽って フシギですよね~。 どうして あんなにも 心を ゆさぶるんでしょうね。まぁ、私には 詳しい理屈なんて わからないですけどネ。ははは。" (So, what do you do when you are sad? I listen to music most of the time. When I get out my old records and remember those days, I feel relieved. Music is a strange thing, isn't it? I wonder why it moves my heart so much. Well, I don't know the detailed logic behind it. Hahaha.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  44. "You know, music is a wonderful thing. I had a bad day here the other day, and I was feeling a little blue. And here I was, sitting and sulking, when a song I liked came on the radio. It picked me right up. That's the power of music! So next time you stop by, why don't you play me one of your favorite songs? Only if you want to, of course. See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  45. "I had the worst time getting to sleep last night. So I did the same thing I always do. I sat around, organizing my CD collection. I found an old favorite, too! I thought I'd listen to it, but all the songs were really up-tempo, and it made me even more awake! I learned my lesson. From now on, I'm organizing my coffee beans instead. See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  46. "それはそうと、 なんだか 今 すごく ねむいのです… きのう おそくまで 遊んでたからなぁ… あ、いや、こっちの話です。ひとりごとですので… すみませんね。こんど ドライブでも 行きませんか? ま、よかったら ですけどネ。では また。" (By the way, I'm really sleepy right now... because I stayed up late last night playing... oh, no, I'm talking about me. I'm talking to myself... sorry. Would you like to go for a drive next time? Well, if you like. See you later.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  47. "大きい声をだして すみません。なんだか うれしかったものですから…" (I'm sorry for shouting so loudly. I got a bit excited...) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  48. "I should probably mention in advance that when I get excited, I tend to shout a lot. Even I have no idea why. I mention it in case you're ever around and hear my shouting. Don't worry-- there's probably nothing wrong. I apologize in advance if it ever disturbs you. I've startled a few customers over the years, let me tell you! But I don't mean anything by it." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  49. "Hello there! Oh, hey. This is awkward, but I should warn you... When I hear sirens, I, uh, reflexively start screaming. I don't know why. But I wail like an opera-singing humpback. It happened just the other day, too. A customer was so surprised... that he spat coffee everywhere. I felt bad. I didn't mean to do it, but it was already happening before I realized it. So, um, if that ever happens while you're here...sorry." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  50. "それはそうと、コーヒー 入りましたヨ。え? たのんでないって? あぁ、これは おとなりから なんですが… ま、まぁ 無口な方ですが なかよくしたいんじゃないですか? 私は、コーヒーを 入れるだけしか できませんが… ははは…" (Oh, by the way, your coffee is ready. What? You didn't ask for it? Oh, this is for the customer next to you... well, he doesn't talk much, but you want to get to know him, don't you? I can only make coffee, but... haha..." ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  51. "That reminds me--have you checked out any of the Extra Games yet? When I was in my prime, I was always first in line to play the latest games. Ahh, it takes me back... Back then, this place was full of customers too. They all used to bring in the latest games for everyone to try out. Those were good days... See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  52. "You ever notice how good it feels to get on the rhythm and move in time to the beat? I wonder why that is... It feels so natural, but when you try to stop and think about why you feel that way, you just can't figure it out. If you ever figure it out, you come let me know. See you around." ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  53. "Hello there! You ever really think about space? Like, how big is it? Does it go on forever? If it doesn't go on forever, what's on the other side? Is there someone else on the other side, looking back and wondering about us? And what about atoms? Are they like tiny star systems? Does anyone live inside my atoms? And how would I ever find out? ... Sorry, I kinda went off the rails there, didn't I? I'll talk to you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  54. "Hey, did you know that plants also like listening to music? Apparently, plants grow better when classical music is played for them. A customer was telling me about this the other day. Crazy, huh? How do you think that works when they don't have ears? Heh. I just pictured a hydrangea with big ol' jug-handle ears. Funny. See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  55. "Hello there! So, you know the names of the musical notes, right? "Do re mi fa so la ti do"? Where do you suppose that came from originally? Why those sounds? Ooh! And I heard that they're different in other countries, too! Like, apparently "do" is "ut" in France. Even in another language, the sound is similar. Interesting, right? I don't know about you, but I could talk musical etymology all day! ...I'll, uh, understand if you want to move on, though. See you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  56. "Hello there! I've been wondering lately-- how do you think music started? I read a theory that it started with us imitating birds' songs. And the rhythm may have come from the sounds of walking or tools banging. But you know when you take a walk on a sunny day and you're feeling good... you sometimes just inadvertently start humming a random melody? I think that's how music started. Maybe that's a little "woo-woo" for you, but... I think music benefits from a little "woo-woo," you know?" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  57. "Hello there! Do you know how sound reaches your ear? I just watched a documentary about this--it's fascinating! Everything that makes noise-- footsteps, voices, whatever-- vibrates the air around it. Sounds travel through the air as waves and vibrate your eardrums, which is how you hear. Things sound different because they vibrate the air at various frequencies and amplitudes. Fascinating, right? It's fun to think about when you're listening carefully to something." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  58. "Hello there! Say, do you like going to the movies? I sure do. Huge movie buff. I go pretty much every day I have off. But you know my favorite part? Eating popcorn while I wait for it to start! Silly, right? It's just a fun part of the ritual, I guess. You gotta find your bliss, though. Hey, maybe I'll see you there sometime!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  59. "I've taken up jogging again to get back in shape. At first, I just ran around until I got bored. But I found it's much easier to jog while listening to music. Now I'm really enjoying my runs, and I try to match my steps to the rhythm! It's amazing how rhythm pops up where you least expect it. Sorry--I should get back to work... See you around." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Fever
  60. "Hello there! Did you know I'm a big jogger? My favorite is running alongside the ocean. ...Pardon me? That's how I keep so fit? Oh, you're quite a flatterer! Well, you make yourself at home and stay as long as you'd like." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  61. "Hello there! I was just planning my annual fall trip to the ocean. Most people think it's too cold to visit the ocean in the fall... But I don't go there to swim. I go to listen to the sound of the waves. Whoosh...whoosh...whoosh... Wave after wave crashing into the shore... It's the most relaxing sound in the world, as far as I'm concerned. If you haven't been, you should try it sometime!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  62. "Bzzzark--I mean hello! This Café is my favorite place to relax. I like to support dog-owned bzzznesses, and the owner provides honey for the tea. I hope you like it as much as I do. Make yourself at hive!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  63. "I have a confession to make. I put WAY too much honey in this tea. The barista caught me at it yesterday. He was hurt that I can't taste his tea. It's not that I don't like his tea! I just LOVE honey! Please don't tell him I did it, OK? I wouldn't want to spoil our friendship." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  64. "The other day, I was talking to the barista about families. And I got this suspicion that maybe he and I are related! So I asked him if there are any bees in his family. He just got this funny look and said, "Could be." But the way he said it? I heard TWO Es." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  65. "それはそうと、実は 私 犬なんですヨ。かれこれ 9才で もう けっこう いいトシなんです。いやはや、このトシになると 時がたつのが はやいですねぇ。お客さんは 人間ですよね?まぁ、私は 犬ですが これからも なかよくしてくださいネ~。" (By the way, I'm actually a dog. I'm nine years old, so I'm already in my prime. Well, time flies when you reach this age. Our customers are humans, right? Well, I'm a dog, but please continue to be good to me~.) ~ Dog, Rhythm Tengoku
  66. "And, of course, I've got my cafe. Open three years, and still going strong, thanks to my regulars." ~ Dog, Rhythm Paradise (English)
  67. "So, what do you do when you're not here, playing the game? Me, I've had a dog for, oh, 11 years now. Tell you the truth, he's getting a bit long in the tooth... And, of course, I've got my cafe. Open three years, and still going strong, thanks to regulars like you. So keep stopping by! Coffee's on the house this time. Sit back a spell and rest your fingers!" ~ Dog, Rhythm Heaven
  68. "Hello there! Hey, are you a dog person or a cat person? Before you answer, I should tell you I'm a cat person all the way. I don't want you to think I'm trying to pressure you to pick my species. See, I hear dog people say that cats don't get attached to you... But, we cat people appreciate a little space from our pets, you know? I know that must sound funny coming from a dog. I'll see you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  69. "Sarge! We just got some intel from the station! They said the cafe's Barista isn't human!" ~ Unused dialogue in Police Call, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (English)
  70. "Hello? Oh, yes, we're open today. Just started brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Coming to our café soon? Um, you live in Diamond City? Well, if you can't get here, I'll yip on with you for a bit over the horn. Let's see... Oh, I've got an Ashley story, believe it or not. We put an Ashley doll in our café, and ever since then, we've had a lot more customers coming in than usual. Can't help thinking there's some hocus-pocus behind it all. But if you find any other Ashley stuff, I'd be interested. Oh, sorry to yip on so long there. Have a great day." ~ Phone Code 22, WarioWare Gold
  71. WarioWare: Move It! - All Cutscenes [HD]
  72. Rhythm Heaven (Instruction Booklet)
  73. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise | Muziekspel | Wii | Nintendo
  74. Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise | Jogo de música | Wii | Nintendo
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