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Play Music (音楽をきく?, Ongaku o Kiku) is a feature of the Museum at Café where the player can listen to all the music they have bought from the Shop in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It acts as a simplified version of the Studio and Music Corners from previous games.

Collecting all the songs is commemorated with a Badge.

Music List


  • If the player starts Play Music or the epilogue slideshow while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, they can drum to the music with the same controls as Drum Lesson and Studio[1]. Rather than playing as Anata, Spooky of the Tiny Ghosts is used instead.
  • While most themes are reused from the soundtracks of previous games, Rat Race, Sick Beats, Bunny Hop, Quiz Show, Big Rock Finish, Fan Club 2 and Coin Toss all received new arrangements.
  • In Cosmic Dance, there is a pause in the middle of the game. In Rhythm Tengoku, the duration of this pause lasted a random amount of time, while in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, it always lasts the same amount of time. In the Studio and Rhythm Tengoku Zen Kyoku-shu, this pause is skipped, but here, the entire pause is preserved.
  • While all the non-vocal songs in this list are simply the name of the game with "Theme" added in (with the exception of "Quiz Show Opening"), Munchy Monk's music was already named "Munchy Monk Theme" in the Music Corner.
    • In the Music Corner of Rhythm Heaven, some tracks have different names from what their games are called. In Play Music, all the games match up in the English version. In Japanese, almost all of the names match the soundtracks (with some exceptions such as "Figure Fighter 3 Theme" being named "マッスル人形チャンピオン" (Muscle Ningyō Champion?), as opposed to "マッスル人形2" (Muscle Ningyō 2?) like it used to be).
  • Big Rock Finish consists of 8 different songs, which are played randomly. Unlike the Music Corner and Rhythm Tengoku Zen Kyoku-shu, where each track was separate, "Big Rock Finish Theme" is simply a medley of all 8 tracks in order.
  • Although the music in Coin Toss only plays when the player chooses to toss the coin, and goes slower with every five tosses, "Coin Toss Theme" plays all variations of the music in order at a consistent speed.
  • As Clap Trap originally did not have music, "Clap Trap Theme" is the ambient noise heard throughout the game, with the sound effects mixed in.
  • Blue Birds and Monkey Watch also appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, where they can play on the Miiverse stage. The latter has the high-five sound effects mixed in and is seamlessly looped. These songs return alongside Fruit Basket (also seamlessly looped) in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, where they can play on Summit, Hannenbow, Balloon Fight, Living Room, Find Mii, Tomodachi Life, Pictochat 2, Duck Hunt, Wrecking Crew, Pilotwings and Wuhu Island, i.e., stages in the "Other" category.
  • Lush Remix and Machine Remix have vocals in Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+, but not in the international versions. This is reflected by the removal of the song names when "Play Music" is selected for these songs, however the player can still select the Japanese voices at the Café and hear the vocal versions.
  • Unlike the Studio and Music Corners, the player cannot listen to any music that isn't a game's theme, nor can they choose to play the song in a playlist.
  • This is the only game whose soundtrack has yet to be released on a Soundtrack CD.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 音楽をきく Listen to Music
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Play Music
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Play Music
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Écouter Listen
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Escuchar música Listen to music
Flag of Germany.svg German Musik Music
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Ascolta musica Listen to music
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 음악 재생 Play Music


  1. "Oh, hey, did you know you can now watch the epilogue slide show in the museum? I'll tell you a secret about that... If you start while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, something good may happen. Try that in Play Music too. That's all the trade secrets I can give away in one visit. See you later!" ~ Barista at the Café, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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