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Working Dough 2
You've mostly gotten used
to this job now, but your
coworker? That guy is a
machine! Try to keep up!
(No practice.)
ConsoleWii Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Fever
Working Dough 2
You may be used to copying
your supervisor, but a
dough's work is never done.
Do your best!

(And no practice for you)
ConsoleWii Icon.png Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise
Working Dough 2
You've mostly gotten used to this
job now, but your coworker? That
guy is a machine! Try to keep up!
Console3DS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Working Dough 2
ConsoleWii Icon.png
Prologue Wii Working Dough 2.png
Console3DS Icon.png
Prologue 3DS Working Dough 2.png
ConsoleWii Icon.png 37
Console3DS Icon.png 88

Working Dough 2 (元祖 はたらくまんじゅう?, Ganzo Hataraku Manjū), known as Working Dough 2 (はたらくまんじゅう2 ?, Hataraku Manjū 2) in Rhythm Heaven Fever, is the 2nd Rhythm Game of Stage 8 (37th overall) in Rhythm Heaven Fever and the 3rd of Tibby's Mom (88th overall) in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

The long version, Working Dough, appears in Stage 3 in Rhythm Heaven Fever and in Donut Tower in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Screenshot Wii Working Dough 2.png
Screenshot 3DS Working Dough 2.png

In this game, the Dough Dudes, now in teapots resting on a red platform with an umbrella on it, are tasked with moving fuel orbs in the middle of a bamboo forest. Mr. Game & Watch is now dressed in a purple robe and hat and is standing on bamboo, his appearance now resembling that of Judge. Near the end of the game, the rocket is replaced with what resembles a woman drinking tea, and several Space-Rabbits follow it after it launches.

The game's core gameplay stays the same; moving fuel orbs as they come along by following the co-worker's pattern. The main difference is in pattern design and spacing. While Working Dough has quicker, larger patterns with little space inbetween, Working Dough 2 has short patterns with larger breaks. This makes the game slower paced, and requires the player to adapt to the new pauses.


Rhythm Heaven Fever

  • Ⓐ: Jump
  • Ⓐ+Ⓑ: Big jump

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

  • Ⓐ/Tap: Jump
  • Ⓑ/Tap: Big jump

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The player transports the orbs successfully. They can be seen moving down a conveyer belt in the background, going into a tube to fuel a ship.
  • Early!/Late!: The player hits the orb off the rhythm, making a "doink" sound. It goes up to the compartment, but doesn't quite reach, and falls down.
  • Miss...: The player doesn't jump, causing the orb to fall down. Doing a big jump for a small orb causes it to shatter, while doing a small jump for a big orb causes it to fall down. In any of these scenarios, Mr. Game & Watch makes a pained expression.


ConsoleWii Icon.png
Space-Rabbit Feedback(Flag of the United States.svg) The space rabbits say...(Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg)
GradingNG Wii.png
A touch sloppy, perhaps...
You seemed lost in the quiet bits.
You were a bit sloppy on the job.
You got lost in the quiet section.
GradingOK Wii.png
Eh. Good enough. Good try.
GradingHI Wii.png
Elegant work. You're an artist.
You kept it up even when it got quiet.
You worked like a pro dough.
You did well in the quiet section.
Console3DS Icon.png
Space-Rabbit Feedback
GradingNG 3DS.png
You...didn't do so hot.
You needed help with the heavy ones.
GradingOK 3DS.png
Eh. Passable.
GradingHI 3DS.png
Hey, solid work there.
You really hefted those heavy ones!


ConsoleWii Icon.png
GradingNG Wii.png
GradingOK Wii.png
GradingHI Wii.png
Epilogue Wii Working Dough 2 NG.png Epilogue Wii Working Dough 2 OK.png Epilogue Wii Working Dough 2 HI.png
Back to Earth... We're going home to the moon. Tea tastes better on the moon!

Wah! We can't get out of orbit!

We're heading into space!

Nothing beats a hot moon tea!
Console3DS Icon.png
GradingNG 3DS.png
GradingOK 3DS.png
GradingHI 3DS.png
Epilogue 3DS Working Dough 2 NG.png Epilogue 3DS Working Dough 2 OK.png Epilogue 3DS Working Dough 2 HI.png
Back to Earth... We're going home to the moon. Tea tastes better on the moon!

Rhythm Item

Big Dough So CUTE!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Big Dough.png
Item holder.png
I came to see the spaceship
with my son, and they gave him
some dumplings to take home--
a big one and a small one. He
gave me the big one, because
he's the cutest thing ever.

Skill Star

The Skill Star appears on the lone orb right after the lady dough rises in the background.

Challenge Land

Working Dough 2 appears in the following Challenge Train courses:




Development History

Main article: Working Dough 2/Development

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ConsoleWii Icon.png はたらくまんじゅう2
Console3DS Icon.png 元祖 はたらくまんじゅう
ConsoleWii Icon.png Working Manju 2
Console3DS Icon.png Founder Working Manju
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Working Dough 2 Pun on the expression Working Dough [the process of kneading dough for baking]
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Working Dough 2
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French ConsoleWii Icon.png Boulettes au boulot 2
Console3DS Icon.png Boulettes extrêmes
ConsoleWii Icon.png Dumplings at work 2
Console3DS Icon.png Extreme dumplings
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Dulces trabajadores 2 Candy workers 2
Flag of Germany.svg German Klopsarbeiter 2 Working Dumplings 2
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Fagottini al lavoro 2 Dumplings at work 2
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean ConsoleWii Icon.png 일하는 호빵2
Console3DS Icon.png 원조 일하는 호빵
ConsoleWii Icon.png Working Hoppang 2 [Korean Sweet Bean Steamed Bun]
Console3DS Icon.png Original Working Hoppang
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