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Fan Club
Pop stars can't make it on
their own. They need the
help of fans like you to get
the audience worked up!
Keep time with your friends!
ConsoleDS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven
Fan Club
Pop stars can't make it on
their own. They need the
help of fans like you to get
the audience worked up!
Keep time with your friends!
ConsoleDS Icon.png Rhythm Paradise
Fan Club
Pop stars can't make it on their own.
They need the help of fans like you
to get the audience worked up!
Console3DS Icon.png Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Fan Club
ConsoleDS Icon.png
Prologue DS Fan Club.png
Console3DS Icon.png
Prologue 3DS Fan Club.png
ConsoleDS Icon.png 4
Console3DS Icon.png 49

Fan Club (アイドル?, Idol) is the 4th Rhythm Game of the first stage (4th overall) in Rhythm Heaven and the 2nd of Donut Tower (49th overall) in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

The arrange version, Fan Club 2, appears in the seventh stage of Rhythm Heaven and Left-Hand Tower in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Screenshot DS Fan Club.png
Screenshot 3DS Fan Club.png

The Pop Singer stands in the center of the stage performing while her monkey fan club cheers her on. The player takes control of the monkey on the right side of the front row. Certain phrases in Pop Singer's song indicate what action the player must take. When she sings "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" (ハイ!ハイ!ハイ!?, Hai hai hai!) or any other phrase repeated three times, the fans are expected to clap four times directly afterward. The other duty of her fanbase is to clap three times and then follow with a short jump after she recites the line "I suppose" (かもね!?, Ka mo ne!). The audience echoes her, but stretches out the "I" and adds in a "hey!" when they hop. For each syllable repeated by the monkeys, a clap is performed.

In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, the game's appearance is drastically different, taking place on an indoor stage rather than outdoors.


Rhythm Heaven

  • Tap: Clap
  • Tap (Hold): Charge a jump
  • Tap (Release): Stop charging
  • Flick: Jump

Rhythm Heaven Megamix

  • Ⓐ/Tap: Clap
  • Ⓐ (Hold)/Tap (Hold): Charge a jump
  • Ⓐ (Release)/Tap (Release): Stop charging/Jump

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!: The player claps or jumps in time with the others.
  • Early!/Late!: The player claps or jumps slightly off, causing the others to glare.
  • Miss...: The other monkeys glare at the player. In Rhythm Heaven Megamix, holding Ⓐ or a tap for too long makes the player charge a jump when they're not supposed to.


ConsoleDS Icon.png
A Word from the #1 Fan(Flag of the United States.svg) A Word from the #1 Fan(Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg)
GradingNG DS.png
Your clapping was way off!
"I suppose" you could do better.
Your clapping was way off!
"I suppose" you could do better.
GradingOK DS.png
Good enough...
I don't know...
I guess that was all right.
Good enough...
I don't know...
I guess that was all right.
GradingHI DS.png
You guys sounded great!
"I suppose" you did all right!
You guys sounded great!
"I suppose" you did all right!
Console3DS Icon.png
A Word from the #1 Fan
GradingNG 3DS.png
Your clapping was way off!
"I suppose" you could do better.
GradingOK 3DS.png
Eh. Passable.
GradingHI 3DS.png
You guys sounded great!
"I suppose" you did all right!


ConsoleDS Icon.png
GradingNG DS.png
GradingOK DS.png
GradingHI DS.png
Epilogue DS Fan Club NG.png Epilogue DS Fan Club OK.png Epilogue DS Fan Club HI.png
I thought you were supposed
to be my biggest fan...
Thanks for your support! I couldn't ask for better fans!
Console3DS Icon.png
GradingNG 3DS.png
GradingOK 3DS.png
GradingHI 3DS.png
Epilogue 3DS Fan Club NG.png Epilogue 3DS Fan Club OK.png Epilogue 3DS Fan Club HI.png
I thought you were supposed
to be my biggest fan...
Thanks for your support! I couldn't ask for better fans!

Rhythm Item

Fan A Fan Is Born
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fan.png
Item holder.png
My friend took me to a concert.
I wasn't really into her music
before we went, but seeing her
working hard onstage really
impressed me. It made me think
I need to work harder, too!

Skill Star

The Skill Star appears on the line "For all time, I suppose".

Challenge Land

Fan Club appears in the following Challenge Train courses:




The following is commentary given on the STAFF'S VOICE section of the booklet included in Rhythm Tengoku Zen Kyoku-shu.

Japanese Translation
米 このゲームをつくるときに、つんく♂みさんからいただいたのがインスト…つまりボーカルが入っていないバージョンだったんです。その曲をもとに、アイドルに声援を送るサルのゲームをつくろろうということで、たたき台をつくってみたんです。歌詞も考えて、今回は僕が歌っで…もちろん女性の声に編集しましたよ(笑)。でも、社内の評判がすごくよかったんです。それで自信をつけて、つんく♂さんと打ち合わせをするときに、一世一代の大勝負のような気持ちで聴いていただいたんです。そしたら、「ああなるほど、おもしろいですね。じゃあ次のゲーム」みたいに流されてしまって…。(残念そうに)たっぷり時間をかけた自信作だったんですけど。 Yone: When we were making this game, Tsunku♂-san gave us an instrumental version of the song...that is, a version without vocals. Based on that song, I decided to make a game about monkeys cheering on an idol, so I made a draft. I came up with the lyrics, and this time I sang the song...of course I edited it into a female voice (laughs). But it was very well received within the company. That gave me confidence, and when I had a meeting with Tsunku♂-san, he listened to it as if it was the once-in-a-generation big game. Then he said "Oh, I see, that's interesting. Then let's see the next game." and I was swept away just like that. (Looking disappointed) It was a work I was proud of that took a lot of time.

つんく♂ マ歌った米さんには悪いけど、あんまり印象に残らへんかったね(笑)。 Tsunku♂: I feel bad for Yone-san who sang it, but it didn't leave much of an impression on me (laughs).

小黒 やっぱりキャナァーリ倶楽部のえり〜なに歌ってもらったら、ファンの方も2度おいしいかなと(笑)。ちなみにサルたちの「かーもね、ホイッ!」というかけ声は、つんく♂の声も混じっています。あと、実際のコンサートにも、サルの着ぐるみを着たファンの方もいらっしゃるようですね。 Oguro: I thought it would be twice as good for the fans if Eri~na from Canary CLUB sang it for us (laughs). By the way, the monkeys' call of "Kamone, hoi!" has Tsunku♂'s voice mixed in. Also, it seems that there are fans who wear monkey costumes at the actual concerts.


Development History

Main article: Fan Club/Development

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese アイドル Idol
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Fan Club
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Fan Club
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Fan club
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish ConsoleDS Icon.png Club de Fans
Console3DS Icon.png Club de fans
ConsoleDS Icon.png Fan Club
Console3DS Icon.png Fan club
Flag of Germany.svg German Affen-Groupies Monkey-groupies
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Fan Club
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 팬클럽 Fan Club


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