Honeybee Land

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Honeybee Land
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Honeybee Land (ハチハチランド?, Hachihachi Land) is the first stage in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is the first land in Earth World.


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After Tibby falls from the sky and meets the player, they try going to the Green Tower they saw in the distance. After a while, they end up in Honeybee Land, where they meet Boondog, who has lost his flow and cannot let them pass until they help him. In order to restore it, the player and Tibby must clear four Rhythm Games, those being Karate Man, Fillbots, Air Rally, and Catchy Tune. After clearing Fillbots, Rupert interrupts to announce that the Café is open. After clearing Catchy Tune, Boondog is once again inspired, and unlocks the door to Machine Land.



Phew! We've been walking
for, like, a skillion hours.
This place is all weird.
Do you really live here?
Wait! I see someone!

Bzzzark! Bzzzark!

Sorry, you probably don't
speak Beehound, huh?
I'm sorry to bzzzother you,
but can I ask a favor?
You seem like someone
who can get things done.
What? Did I fall into
an RPG?
Lately, I've been having a
bzzzit of an identity crisis.
I feel like I've fallen off
my rhythm--lost my flow.
That's terrible! But how can
I help you...flow better?
Well, you could clear these
here rhythm games for me...
...Huh. Well, I guess I
should have seen this coming.
Yeah, if you could clear,
oh, four games or so...
I'd be totally inspired and
my flow would return!
...And I could unlock the
door that's in your way.
So, will you do it? Please?
You'd be the bee's knees!
I feel like I don't have
a choice here, but...
It's good to help people,
right? And bees, I guess!
Oh, thank you! You've made
this simple insect very happy!

Karate Man Cleared

That window is letting the light
of hope shine in. Bzzark!
Just keep flowing like
fresh honey, friend!
Oh, one more thing. As a
reward for your hard work...
you got some coins!

Hang on to them for
something good later.
You'll want to collect
them like pollen!

Fillbots Cleared

Look at all the honey!
It's flowing all over!
This doesn't help MY flow, but I
was out of honey, so this helps.
Now, please excuse me
while I dive into it!
He's going to be...
very sticky.

Air Rally Cleared

What a stylish ladder!
I feel like I'm in heaven!
What? C-can I use this to
climb up to Heaven World?
Oh, no. I just meant I'll be able
to reach the high flowers now.

Catchy Tune Cleared

I've been wanting a little
greenery around here!
That's it! I got my flow
back! The greens inspired me!
Huh? What's so inspiring
about some plants?
Isn't it obvious? I live
to pollinate. Bzzzark!
Anyway, you got the All Clear,
so I'll open the lock now!


That was amazing, like a
flea comb made of honey!
I've got my flow back
and couldn't bee happier!
Thank you, bzzzark!

Anyway. I've unlocked
the door.
Just press  to go on to
the next stage.
And don't forget to use 
to come back and visit!
Good luck! May your pollen
pouches ever be full.
Thank you!
See you later!

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ハチハチランド Bee Bee Land
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Honeybee Land
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Honeybee Land
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Pays bzzz Bzzz land
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Abejalandia Beeland
Flag of Germany.svg German Bienchenland Beesland
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Mielelandia Honeyland
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 꿀벌랜드 Bee Land
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