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Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic (RHYTHM TENGOKU THE BEST PLUS COMIC?, Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic) is a series of short comics based on Rhythm Heaven Megamix, similar to Rhythm Tengoku Gold Comic. All 39 are available to read on Nintendo Kids Space in Japanese, and 5 of them are available on Play Nintendo in English, which also come with short descriptions.


01 同窓会 (Reunion)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

It is the day of the reunion, and the Barista is sitting at the Café. Various characters start entering, as the Barista greets them all. He greets Karate Joe, a Hair Vegetable, The Clappy Trio, Pitcher, the Chorus Kids, Pop Singer, Wrestler and the Huebirds of Happiness, until the Martian appears. The Barista asks who they are, after which the Martian leaves in his ship.

02 火星人再襲来 (Martian Reinvasion)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

A few days after the reunion, the Martian returns to the Café, with the Barista trying to welcome them to Rhythm Heaven, as the extraterrestrial moves in too close for comfort.

03 ぼく、テビリ! (I'm Tibby!)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, a pink ball of fluff is shown, which grows legs, and eventually is revealed to be Tibby.

04 アニキとカメレオン その1 (Aniki and Chameleon Part 1)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

The comic starts off with Aniki yelling at A Boy and His Crush to stop staring at him. As they run away, Aniki spots a Chameleon in the bushes. He tries to scare him off, but fails. The Chameleon proceeds to stick his tongue in his face.

05 アニキとカメレオン その2 (Aniki and Chameleon Part 2)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

In this comic, Aniki meets up with his friend, who is surprised to see him happily walking around with a Chameleon. Aniki says the little guy is a loner just like him, so he kept it as a friend. The other yankee thanks the Chameleon for helping to make someone as scary as Aniki to be so nice, but as he looks down, the Chameleon sees a bunch of bugs in his face, and tries to eat them.

06テビリとピーチ (Tibby and Peach)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

"How many peaches can Tibby handle? Find out in this comic inspired by the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game."
— Description on Play Nintendo.

This comic, also available in English, shows Tibby getting hit on the head by a peach. The peach bounces off his hair, and he starts laughing. Several more peaches start falling, and soon Tibby is trapped under a lot of a peaches.

07じめんくんのこと その1 (About Courtney Part 1)

Artist: Saki Takita.

This comic introduces Courtney, who sees a lot of things bouncing on him. A basketball appears, and he bounces it back.

08じめんくんのこと その2 (About Courtney Part 2)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Courtney, talks about how many people come, and that he wants to try the hamburger one person is eating. A pineapple appears, and he bounces it back. Courtney states that he doesn't eat food.

09じめんくんのこと その3 (About Courtney Part 3)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Courtney is sitting in the rain. A snail moves above him, and Courtney says he doesn't bounce his friends.

10ヤギとマスター (The Goat and Barista)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

The comic begins with Saffron selling The Goat to the Barista, saying her milk is delicious, and he'll sell her for real cheap. The goat begins to chow down on turnips, causing the Barista to worry, as she hasn't produced milk, and is only eating every day. He worries that the goat is only getting bigger, and might not fit in the Café soon. He thinks about changing the way he raises the goat as a customer comes in.

11テビリとバーバーショップ (Tibby and Barbershop)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

The comic shows Tibby at the Barbershop. Tibby falls asleep as Captain Tuck cuts his hair, but he overdoes it. Embarrassed, the barber moves away, as the seal that was sitting behind them climbs onto Tibby's head to hide the mistake.

12おかねもちになったら (When you get Rich)

Artist: Saki Takita.

This comic shows Saffron sitting at his Shop, wondering why no one has come to shop. The Barista asks him what's wrong, with Saffron saying he'd like to get money. After being asked what he would do if he got rich, Saffron starts thinking about things like buying Paprika new goggles, traveling, how he doesn't like Saltwater and other things, but refuses to actually say anything.

13こんにちは!ヘビッピです! その1 (Hello! I'm Rupert! Part 1)

Artist: Saki Takita.

This comic introduces Rupert, who speaks about how he likes to listen in on people, and signs out. A single snail can be seen amidst the silence.

14こんにちは!ヘビッピです! その2 (Hello! I'm Rupert! Part 2)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Rupert walks about and sees Eglantine. She asks him what kind of creature he is, as he says he likes to listen in on people. She then gives him her scary look, and Rupert leaves.

15こんにちは!ヘビッピです! その3 (Hello! I'm Rupert! Part 3)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Rupert poses the question of what is inside his jar. After coming up with a few ideas, he gives his best regards and leaves.

16がけっぷちの恋 (The Cliff of Love)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

The comic shows Mr. Chicken purchasing a car from Dieter, so he can take out a lady Huebird on a date. As he drives her down the stone road, he breaks too late, and is in danger of falling into the water. He decides this a good chance to rescue the lady Huebird to get her to like him. As the car falls into the water however, the Huebird simply flies away.

17テビリとマスター (Tibby and Barista)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, as Tibby shares a peach with Barista, he asks him how old he is. The dog claims he is 100 years older than Tibby, then says he was just kidding.

18研究者 (Researchers)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

"Fancy-pants space experts imagine what aliens look like in in this comic inspired by the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game."
— Description on Play Nintendo.

In this comic, also available in English, the first manned mission to Mars is nearing its destination. The researchers decide that since they're about to see a Martian for the first time, it'd be fun to guess what it'll look like. One person draws a very robotic design, the next one a more alien-esque creature. The final person draws a jellyfish-like design, which no one thinks is likely to be how the alien will actually look like. Finally, the great day arrived, and the researchers are greeted by Translator Tom standing next to a jellyfish-like alien. The researchers then go a Pork Rice Bowl shop, saying their designs were better.

19テビリとウコン (Tibby and Colin)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, Tibby meets with Colin, and notices how the latter's belly looks like a door. Colin claims that it is, and opens it up for Tibby to see inside.

20クマ太の恋人 (Beary's Lover)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Beary thinks about how he loves donuts, but also Bearbara. He gets them mixed up, and refers to Bearbara as a donut.

21クマ美のおとめごころ (Bearbara's Maiden Heart)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Bearbara is seen crying, asking Beary if the donuts are more important than she is. Beary has trouble saying either way, and offers her a donut, prompting her to cry even more.

22ヤギとイエモン (Goat and Saffron)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

In this comic, Saffron is struggling to take The Goat on a walk, as the Barista is too small. As he's struggling, the goat ends up running away. The Barista watches the chase from afar and comments on their rhythm.

23テビリとバッタ (Tibby and Bertram)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, Tibby meets with Bertram, and tells him about Colin's belly being "that". Bertram, now sweating, comments that Colin's belly is "cool", which confuses Tibby. Bertram tries to correct himself and says it's "cute", which confuses Tibby again. Bertram tries to assure him that he knows what they're talking about.

24チーズだいすき! (I love cheese!)

Artist: Saki Takita.

This comic shows the Rats watching a cooking show themed around cheese.

25はたらかないまんじゅう (Not Working Dough)

Artist: Saki Takita.

The comic shows some Dough Dudes talking about their job, with the one on the left asking the one on the right if they get how to do the job, about the big ones, and how they don't get paid for their work.

26たまには出たい… (Sometimes I want to show up...)

Artist: Saki Takita.

The comic shows Urakata Aki to Ki, where the red one talks about wanting to appear on screen, possibly by replacing the ball. The yellow one panics at this idea, until the red one says he's kidding.

27パジャマな朝 (Pajama Morning)

Artist: Suzuki Haruka.

The comic shows Mako waking up in the morning, getting ready for school.

Her alarm clock has a face similar to a Cosmo Dancer, and she appears to have a plush version of the monkeys which appears in Pajama Party.

28テビリとオモナガ (Tibby and Philip)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, Tibby meets with Philip, who tells him that he started learning ballroom dancing. He mentions the classroom is on the fourth floor of the Songbird Tower, how the teacher's neck twists around when things go well, and how his arms start stretching. He mentions how the teacher's neck stretches if he messes up, and that he sometimes wears a bird beak. Tibby reluctantly moves away.

29発声練習 (Vocalization Practice)

Artist: Saki Takita.

This comic shows a Chorus Kid trying to sing, but he ends up singing too loud, turning the attention of the nearby Beary, Bearbara and a Lumbercat.

30ナワバリバトル (Turf War)

Artist: Saki Takita.

"It’s cat versus cat in the third of five comics inspired by the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game."
— Description on Play Nintendo.

In this comic, also available in English, The Kitties try to get the Lumbercats to leave their turf, who instead simply stare back at them. The Lumbercats analize all the Kitties' features, such as their lack of whiskers and clothes, different ears, and fingers. This causes the Kitties to run off in fear, while the Lumbercats think about how cute they are when they run.

31テビリとイヨカン (Tibby and Betty)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, Betty comes to Tibby to complain about how Colin ate all her snacks, how Bertram scribbled on the book she gave him, and that Philip stood her up on her date. Tibby comments on each occurance, saying Philip is always busy with baseball practice, but also secretly worried about the "date" part.

32それ、くれッス! (Give it to me!)

Artist: Saki Takita.

"Can you make an omelet without breaking a few eggs? You can find out in this comic inspired by the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game."
— Description on Play Nintendo.

This comic, also available in English, shows Shep getting ready to cook. He looks for ingredients, mistaking Trey for broccoli and Hairold for red bell pepper, but ultimately deciding neither is good for his cooking. He notices Eglantine carrying an egg, and he decides to cook it. Shep asks Eglantine to give him the egg, but she refuses, saying a birdy will hatch, and she's keeping it warm. He says he'll keep it warm in the frying pan, but she says the birdy will never hatch this way. Shep assures her that he'll crack the egg before cooking it, prompting Eglantine to threaten him.

Despite Trey's redesign in the international version of Rhythm Heaven Megamix, he keeps his appearance from the Japanese version even in the English version of this comic.

33レスラーとファン (Wrestler and Fans)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

Today is the Wrestler Fan Event, and a crowd has formed outside the Rhythm Arena. Inside, T.J. Snapper is taking pictures of the Wrestler and his fans as part of the Wrestler Fan Satsuei-kai (レスラーファン撮影会?, Wrestler Fan Photo Session), specifically with the Martian, the Lumbercats, Saffron, Tibby, Colin, Bertram and Philip. At the end, the Wrestler wishes he had more female fans.

34こんにちは!ヘビッピです! その4 (Hello! I'm Rupert! Part 4)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Rupert introduces himself to Shep, who in turn seems happy to have found someone shorter than him. As he goes on about him being "short and cute", Rupert stretches his neck, making himself taller. As Shep regains his composure, Rupert returns to normal. A now more worried Shep says that he hopes Rupert will grow up as soon as possible.

35おいしいミックスジュース! (Delicious Mixed Juice!)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Courtney bounces an apple and melon, and Plalin and Alalin catch them. They then, along with the snail, enjoy some fruit juice.

36ムラサキの女の人 (Purple Woman)

Artist: Saki Takita.

In this comic, Rupert asks Shep if he has seen a woman with an egg. The orange spheroid responds with frustration, saying he tried to get an egg from a purple woman, but she suddenly stared at him with her evil eyes, which traumatized him. Rupert recognizes that he met the same purple woman before. As Shep and Rupert wonder why the purple woman is so evil, Eglantine herself, along with Hairold, are wondering what the other two are talking about.

37テビリと天の国 (Tibby and Heaven World)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

This comic depicts Tibby riding on a horse in Heaven World. He loses his grip however, and falls down into Earth World. The story is continued in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.

38記念日 (Anniversary)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

In this comic, Tibby is playing something, when he suddenly gets a phone call from the Martian. The alien tries to tell him about the game having sold 650,000 units, but as it speaks in its own language, which Tibby doesn't understand, he hangs up, thinking it was a prank call.

39言葉 (Language)

Artist: Ko Takeuchi.

"Are Tibby and the Martian speaking the same language? Find out in this comic inspired by the Rhythm Heaven Megamix game."
— Description on Play Nintendo.

In this comic, which is also available in English, the Martian tells Tibby that it has now mastered the Earthling language. Tibby asks the alien about the pork rice bowl he was promised the previous day, to which the Martian reacts with alien speak.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese RHYTHM TENGOKU THE BEST PLUS COMIC Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic
Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Rhythm Games Earth World Honeybee Land
Karate ManGame 3DS ntrRobot S.pngGame 3DS rvlBadminton S.pngGame 3DS ctrStep S.png
Machine Land
Game 3DS agbHair S.pngGame 3DS ntrChorus S.pngGame 3DS rvlMuscle S.pngGame 3DS ctrFruitbasket S.png
The First Gate
Game 3DS ntrCoinToss L.png
Citrus Land
Game 3DS agbClap S.pngGame 3DS ntrShooting S.pngGame 3DS rvlFlea S.pngGame 3DS ctrInterprerter S.png
Donut Land
Game 3DS agbRabbit L.pngGame 3DS ntrAirboard L.pngGame 3DS rvlBatting L.pngGame 3DS ctrChameleon L.png
The Second Gate
Sick Beats
Barbershop Land
Game 3DS agbGhost S.pngGame 3DS ntrPingpong S.pngGame 3DS rvlGoma S.pngGame 3DS ctrWoodCat S.png
Songbird Land
Game 3DS agbShuji L.pngGame 3DS ntrBlueBirds L.pngGame 3DS rvlBird L.pngGame 3DS ctrDotsamurai L.png
The Third Gate
Game 3DS ctrChicken L.png
Lush Woods Lush Tower
Game 3DS agbBatter L.pngGame 3DS ntrNinja L.pngGame 3DS rvlGolf L.pngGame 3DS ctrSumou L.pngGame 3DS remix LED.png
Honeybee Tower
Game 3DS rvlKarate 1.pngGame 3DS ntrRobot L.pngGame 3DS rvlBadminton L.pngGame 3DS ctrStep L.pngGame 3DS remix 00.png
Machine Tower
Game 3DS agbHair L.pngGame 3DS ntrChorus L.pngGame 3DS rvlMuscle L.pngGame 3DS ctrFruitbasket L.pngGame 3DS remix 01.png
Citrus Tower
Game 3DS agbClap L.pngGame 3DS ntrShooting L.pngGame 3DS rvlFlea L.pngGame 3DS ctrInterprerter L.pngGame 3DS remix 02.png
Donut Tower
Game 3DS agbRat L.pngGame 3DS ntrIdol L.pngGame 3DS rvlManju L.pngGame 3DS ctrBlanco L.pngGame 3DS remix 03.png
Barbershop Tower
Game 3DS agbGhost L.pngGame 3DS ntrPingpong L.pngGame 3DS rvlGoma L.pngGame 3DS ctrWoodCat L.pngGame 3DS remix 04.png
Songbird Tower
Game 3DS agbTap L.pngGame 3DS ntrFrog L.pngGame 3DS rvlInterview L.pngGame 3DS ctrTango L.pngGame 3DS remix 05.png
Heaven World Star Land
Game 3DS agbTono L.pngGame 3DS ntrCameraMan L.pngGame 3DS rvlRocket L.pngGame 3DS ctrPillow L.png
Comet Land
Game 3DS agbMarcher L.pngGame 3DS ntrShugyo L.pngGame 3DS rvlSeesaw L.pngGame 3DS ctrBear L.png
Planet Land
Game 3DS agbSpaceDance L.pngGame 3DS ntrBackbeat L.pngGame 3DS rvlBook L.pngGame 3DS ctrTeppan L.png
The Fourth Gate
Game 3DS rvlSword L.png
Mamarin Palace Left-Hand Tower
Game 3DS agbClap A.pngGame 3DS ntrIdol A.pngGame 3DS rvlMuscle A.pngGame 3DS ctrBlanco A.pngGame 3DS remix 06 2.png
Right-Hand Tower
Game 3DS agbTap A.pngGame 3DS ntrFrog A.pngGame 3DS rvlGolf A.pngGame 3DS ctrDotsamurai A.pngGame 3DS remix 07 2.png
Tibby's Mom
Game 3DS agbSpaceDance A.pngGame 3DS ntrPingpong A.pngGame 3DS rvlManju A.pngGame 3DS rvlKarate 4.pngGame 3DS remix TED 2.png
Shop Shop No. 1
Game 3DS agbHopping L.pngGame 3DS agbNightWalk L.pngGame 3DS agbQuiz L.png
Shop No. 2
Game 3DS ntrBoxShow L.pngGame 3DS ntrShortLive L.pngGame 3DS rvlKarate 2.png
Shop No. 3
Built to ScaleGame 3DS rvlDate L.pngGame 3DS rvlFishing L.png
Shop No. 4
Game 3DS rvlFork L.pngGame 3DS rvlRap L.pngGame 3DS rvlReceive L.png
Shop No. 5
Game 3DS rvlRobot L.pngGame 3DS rvlRotation L.pngSamurai Slice
Shop No. 6
Game 3DS rvlSort L.pngGame 3DS rvlWatch L.pngGame 3DS rvlKarate 3.png
Sprite 3DS Mascot Boondog.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Dieter.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Shep.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Donna.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Hairold.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Eglantine.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Trey.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Saffron.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Saltwater.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Paprika.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Bertram.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Betty.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Tibby.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Philip.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Colin.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Tibby's Mom.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Barista.gifSprite 3DS Mascot The Goat.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Rupert.gifSprite 3DS Mascot Samurai Drummer.gif
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