Planet Land

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Planet Land
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Planet Land (プラネットランド?, Puranetto Rando) is the tenth stage in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is the third land in Heaven World.


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After the player and Tibby cheer Betty up in Comet Land, they move on to Planet Land. Here Philip is unable to play baseball as the gloomy skies make it too dark to see. To help him, Tibby and the player need to clear four Rhythm Games, namely Space Dance, Lockstep, Cheer Readers and Kitties! After clearing them, Philip can get back to playing, and unlocks the door to The Fourth Gate.



Well, darn it.

Hey, Philip! Something
Oh! Hello there, Tibby.

I gotta tell you, it stinks.

I heard this spooky voice, and
it totally threw me off my game.
Then the sky started getting
all gloomy.
It was so dark, I had to stop
playing baseball altogether!
You can't play baseball in the
dark. Everyone strikes out.
We need the sun--every
team's MVP!
Well, other than me, of
Except...right now, I just can't
seem to find my groove.
I understand. Grooves and
flows ARE super important.
Philip, I promise here and now:
we WILL play baseball again!
Oh, and I heard this all might
have to do with your mom.
I heard that too...

Hey, sorry to bring the
mood down, Tibby.
I just thought you should
Let me know if I can help. I'm
good for more than baseball.
Thanks, Philip. I appreciate it.

You be careful out there.

If something's wrong with your
mom, queen of Heaven World...
little fish like us might be
in over our heads.
And we know whatever's
going on can change the sky.
That's pretty high-level stuff.

But you can do it--I'm sure
of it. You'll fix the flow!
Thanks, Philip. I'll try!

I'm sure I can fix the sky
around here.
I'm on a bit of a roll
right now.

Space Dance Cleared

The gloom is fading!
It's getting brighter!
So bright!

Lockstep Cleared

Yes! Everything is shiny
and sparkling!
Sparkling shiny!

Cheer Readers Cleared

Even brighter! Oh, hey, Tibby,
I can see your house over there!
Your house over there!

Wait! My house? Where?!

Kitties! Cleared

FANTASTIC! The gloom is
all gone!
All gone!

I guess that's my cue!

Time to open the lock for you
in return for the All Clear!


You did it, Tibby! Now
I can play baseball again!
Yay! Baseball is the best!

It totally is! Thanks
so much!
And don't you worry about
your mom.
She'll be all right. She is
the queen, after all.
You're right, Philip. Thank
you--we'll figure it out.
Well, if you wrap it up fast,
come back. I'm making chili!
Yum! That sounds great!


  • In the intro dialogue for this land, none of the mentions of Tibby's Mom are colored purple. While they are color-coded in the Japanese and Korean versions, and in all other dialogues across all versions, these mentions in the other versions are left uncolored. The first mention of her in the end dialogue for this land is also uncolored outside of the Japanese, German and Korean versions.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese プラネットランド Planet Land
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Planet Land
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Planet Land
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Pays planète Planet land
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Planetolandia Planetland
Flag of Germany.svg German Planetenland Planetland
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Pianetalandia Planetland
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 행성랜드 Planet Land
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