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Gatekeeper Trio
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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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The Gatekeeper Trio (門番トリオ?, Moriban Trio) are a group of brothers-gatekeepers that Tibby and the player encounter in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. They consist of Paprika (レドロン?, Redoron), Saltwater (ブルック?, Burukku) and Saffron (イエモン?, Yemon). They each wield a fire lit staff and are all dressed in colored cloaks and wear color matching aviation caps and goggles.


The Gatekeeper Trio appear in the first, second, third and fourth gates. They challenge the player by having them play a game with special rules, with the Saffron Trial being Easy but expensive, the Saltwater Trial being Normal and costing a medium amount, and the Paprika Trial being Hard but cheap. The player is required to beat one of the trials in order to progress. If they clear all three trials, the trio are impressed, and unlock the Endless Game version of their challenge in the Museum[1]. If the player spends 30 Coins without clearing any of the trials, the Gatekeeper Trio allow them to continue anyway[2]. When the player and Tibby meet the trio at each gate, they introduce themselves with an ominous tone while talking in unison. When each brother handles the speech at each gate, they exhibit their individual personalities, which leads to small conflicts between them. Despite the ominous appearance, they are friendly towards the player, particularly when met solo in the Café or Challenge Land. The trio shows concern for the player's health if they decline the challenge by complaining about a tummyache[3], and asks them to take care of themself before attempting the challenge[4].

Sprite 3DS Mascot Saffron.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Saffron.gif
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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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Saffron is very greedy, and tries to get as many Coins out of the player as possible, which leads to his brothers calling him out on his behaviour[5]. His trials are the easiest, but also the most expensive. He dislikes Saltwater in particular, and envies him when the latter does the omnious speech at The Second Gate[6].

After the player clears The First Gate, Saffron opens the Shop at the Café, though the Barista thinks there is something odd about it[7]. Upon first meeting the player, Saffron appears to recognize them from before, but dismisses it, and proceeds to explain how to purchase things from the Shop[8]. He may value Flow Balls more than Coins, as he is willing to give the player 30 Coins for each Flow Ball they have after the player has purchased everything that costs Flow Balls[9].

Saffron is the only one of the trio to appear in Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic. He first appears in 10ヤギとマスター (The Goat and Barista), where he offers to sell The Goat to the Barista, saying her milk is delicious, and he'll sell her for real cheap. In 12おかねもちになったら (When you get Rich), Saffron is sitting at his Shop, wondering why no one has come to shop. The Barista asks him what's wrong, to which he responds by saying he'd like to get money. After being asked what he would do if he got rich, he starts thinking about things like buying Paprika new goggles, traveling, how he doesn't like Saltwater and other things, but refuses to actually say anything. In 22ヤギとイエモン (Goat and Saffron), Saffron is struggling to take The Goat on a walk, as the Barista is too small. As he's struggling, the goat ends up running away. The Barista watches the chase from afar and comments on their rhythm. In 33レスラーとファン (Wrestler and Fans) he takes part in the Wrestler Fan Satsuei-kai (レスラーファン撮影会?, Wrestler Fan Photo Session), having his photo taken with Wrestler.

Sprite 3DS Mascot Saltwater.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Saltwater.gif
Artwork 3DS Saltwater Profile.png
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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Saltwater is the fairest of the trio, offering a normal difficulty in his trials, with a medium cost. He notices if the player is having too much trouble clearing the challenges, appreciates the effort they put in, and allows them to pass anyway to keep it fair, much to Saffron's chagrin[2].

After clearing Shoot-'em-up, he gets hired at the Café as the museum curator. The Barista sees him as real serious[10]. When first talked to, Saltwater seems to recognize the player, but dismisses it, and explains what the museum is about[11]. When talking to him, the player can view their Badges, Mascots and Memories.

Sprite 3DS Mascot Paprika.gif
Sprite 3DS Mascot Paprika.gif
Artwork 3DS Paprika Profile.png
Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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Impossible challenges

Paprika appears to be the leader of the trio. His trials are the most difficult, but he keeps the challenge fair, saying that they are not monsters, and that it is are supposed to be fun. Whenever the player accepts a challenge, he responds by encouraging them to try[12], but is surprised[13] or disappointed[14][15] if they decline, and encourages them to reconsider[16].

After clearing The First Gate, he opens up Challenge Land, where the player is able to ride the Challenge Train in a series of games with modified rules. Each course is found in different worlds named after each of the Gatekeeper Trio, indicating the difficulty. Upon entering Challenge Land, Paprika greets the player, seems to recognize them but dismisses it, and explains the rules[17]. Upon clearing Paprika World, he is impressed with the player's skill despite the high difficulty of the challenges, and believes they could be friends. He invites the player to play in Challenge Land again if they would like[18].


Mascot Collection


Museum Curator

Challenge Land Entrance


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 門番トリオ Gatekeeper trio
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Gatekeeper Trio
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Gatekeeper Trio
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Le Trio Tempo The Tempo Trio
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Los Guardianes The Guardians
Flag of Germany.svg German Torwächter-Trio Gatekeeper Trio
Flag of Italy.svg Italian I Tre Guardiani The Three Guardians
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Gatekeeper Trio[19]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Gatekeeper Trio[20]
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Тройка привратников[21] Three gatekeepers
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 문지기 트리오 Gatekeeper Trio
Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese イエモン
Yemon [pun on イエロー (Ierō?, Yellow) + (Mon?, Gate)]
Bluck [pun on ブルー (Burū?, Blue) + ブロック (Burokku?, block)]
Redron [pun on レド (Redo?, Red) + (Mon?, Gate)]
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Saffron
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Saffron
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Adagio
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Limoncio
Pun on "limon" (lemon) + -cio (common surname suffix)
Pun on "arandano" (blueberry) + -ino (common name sufffix)
Pun on "fres" (strawberry) + -io (common surname suffix)
Flag of Germany.svg German Gelbkurt
Pun on "gelb" (yellow) + possibly "kurtax" (visitor's tax)
Pun on "blau" (blue) + possibly "kurtax" (visitor's tax)
Pun on "rot" (red) + possibly "kurtax" (visitor's tax)
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Adagio
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Saffron[19]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Saffron[20]
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Саффрон[21]
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 옐로몬


    Paprika: "...So I guess that calls for some kind of reward. If you go to Coin Toss inside the museum... we've added the Endless Game!
    Gatekeeper Trio: "YOU MAY NOW FLIP SIMULATED COINS FOREVER." ~ Gatekeeper Trio dialogue after clearing all three trials in The First Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  2. 2.0 2.1 Gatekeeper Trio: "..."
    Saltwater: "Hey, listen. I've been here for a while, and I can't help noticing... You're having a hard time with this one, huh? It's OK. This thing is supposed to be fun, after all. I can tell you've been trying hard, and I appreciate it. We're gonna let you through this gate as a special exception."
    Saffron: "Hey, Saltwater! What are you saying?! We're getting lots of coins from this one!"
    Paprika: "Saffron! We've talked about this."
    Saffron: "Sorry. You're right."
    Paprika: "That's all right. We're not monsters, and it IS supposed to be fun. ...But! You'd better be ready next time we see you!"
    Saltwater: "It's settled, then. Good luck with your journey onward!"
    Gatekeeper Trio: "FAREWELL FROM THE GATEKEEPER TRIO. BYE-BYE." ~ Gatekeeper Trio dialogue if the player spends too many coins attempting trials, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  3. Paprika: "Wh-what?! I'm so sorry! That stinks! Obviously you can't attempt any trials right now."
    Gatekeeper Trio: "TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND COME BACK. GO REST." ~ Gatekeeper Trio if the player declines the challenge at The Fourth Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  4. "IS YOUR TUMMY FEELING BETTER? DON'T PUSH YOURSELF. ARE YOU PREPARED TO CHALLENGE US?" ~ Gatekeeper Trio when the player returns after declining the challenge at The Fourth Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    Saffron: "Yeah! So if you wanna get through here... you just gotta leave all your coins on the ground there."
    Saltwater: "Saffron! How many times do we have to say it? We are not running a protection racket here!"
    Saffron: "Man! Whatever happened to innovation in the workplace? So yeah, it's the same conditions as it ALWAYS was. You think you can pass again, or will your luck run out? The more times you lose, the more coins you lose! We love collecting those sweet, sweet challenge charges!"
    Paprika: "Ignore my brother's unbecoming coin obsession."
    Gatekeeper Trio: "ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THE CHALLENGE?" ~ Gatekeeper Trio introduction at The Third Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
    Saltwater: "If you would pass this way... you must pass our test once more!"
    Saffron: "Oh, so now Saltwater gets to do the ominous part?"
    Paprika: "Silence, Saffron! Well you know that Saltwater has been rehearsing!"
    Saffron: "Yeah, yeah..."
    Saltwater: "Way to kill the vibe, Saffron. Oh, and you should know there's another challenge charge!"
    Gatekeeper Trio "ARE YOU PREPARED FOR THIS CHALLENGE?" ~ Gatekeeper Trio introduction at The Second Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  7. "Hello there! Big news! We finally got the Shop open now. ...But there's something odd about it. Would you go check it out sometime? It's just right over there on the side. Let me know what you think!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  8. "Hi there! Hey, you're not... No, never mind. Thought you were somebody else. Anyway, this is my shop! We got cool stuff for the rhythm fancier! We got inexpensive trinkets and super-rare antiques! We got all kinds of things here. Look around! Some of them you can only buy with Flow Balls, though. What? You don't know what a Flow Ball is? It's real simple. Flow Balls are kinda like coins, but... you can only get 'em in Challenge Land. There's a couple of ways to get them there. ...Or if there's only one, the other will start soon. You got all that? Now why dontcha buy something?" ~ Saffron upon visiting the Shop for the first time, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  9. "You look like you got too many Flow Balls, there. There's nothin' left in my shop to buy with Flow Balls. How many Flow Balls do you have left? [X]... I'll give you [30X] coins for what you've got!" ~ Saffron when the player visits the Shop after having purchased everything that costs Flow Balls and they have some leftover, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  10. "Hello there! Oh, I should tell you... Big staffing news around here. The museum went and hired a curator. Seems pretty legit. He comes off real serious. Go chat with him sometime. See you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  11. "Welcome! Wait... Have I seen you somewhere before? Eh, never mind. Must be thinking of someone else. Anyway, here's the museum, where we keep stuff. We've got games, Rhythm Items, memories, etc., etc. Take a while. Soak it in. Be proud of yourself. Feel free to come by when you want to bask. So, what do you want to see?" ~ Saltwater upon first talking to him infront of the museum, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  12. "That's the spirit! Fortune favors the bold!" ~ Paprika when the player accepts a Perfect Campaign challenge, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  13. Paprika: "What? Really? You will not even try? Then you may not pass."
    Gatekeeper Trio: "GATHER YOUR COURAGE AND RETURN AGAIN." ~ Gatekeeper Trio if the player declines the challenge at The First Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  14. Paprika: "I see... Perhaps I misjudged you. Do not waste our time. We have gates to keep."
    Gatekeeper Trio: "RETURN WHEN YOUR COURAGE IS RENEWED." ~ Gatekeeper Trio if the player declines the challenge at The Second Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  15. Paprika: "Wait, what? You will make us wait? will be suppertime soon..."
    Gatekeeper Trio: "COME BACK SOON. WE ARE HUNGRY." ~ Gatekeeper Trio if the player declines the challenge at The Third Gate, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  16. "Oh, well... That's cool, I guess. The campaign will only run for a limited time. You might want to reconsider before it's too late..." ~ Paprika when the player declines a Perfect Campaign challenge, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  17. "Welcome to Challenge Land! Hmmm... Didn't I see you at the gate before? Eh, never mind. This is where you board the Challenge Train. You ride through courses on your way to the goal... and receive rewards for your skill! Sounds like fun, yes? However! In each course that awaits you... the rhythm games have been altered with a rule or two. Clearing them will not be easy! ...But that's why this is not the Napping Train. Up to four players can ride together on the Challenge Train. You might want to try it out with your friends. Just come talk to me when you're ready for the challenge." ~ Paprika upon entering Challenge Land for the first time, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  18. "I don't believe it... Every single course in all of Challenge Land... Every fiendish torture and outlandish victory condition... You cleared them all?! IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE SAYING?! ... I feel like we could be friends. Ahem. Anyway, come back here and ride again from time to time. You're always welcome on my train." ~ Paprika after the player clears Paprika World, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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