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"This little fella fell from Heaven World, and now he needs your help getting through the many worlds to return."
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Tibby (テビリ?, Tebiri) is the main character in the Story Mode of Rhythm Heaven Megamix. He is the son of Tibby's Mom, and the prince of Heaven World[1]. Tibby is prominently featured in Rhythm Heaven Megamix's promotional material, and has made cameos in other games.


Tibby is a friendly pink creature, who does his best to help people with whatever is troubling them. He loves his friends, and enjoys playing with them. His catchphrase is "Let's we go, amigo!", which he claims is commonly used in Heaven World[2]. Tibby often misspells the name as Hevven World (てんのくに?, Ten no Kuni)[3][4]. Tibby used to act like a child, and had a habit of getting depressed and crying when faced with troubles[5]. When he saw people who weren't crying or staying in bed all day, he believed they never had to face any troubles, unlike him. He was a mama's boy and would give up easily[6]. After his journey, he learned that everyone has troubles, and decided to live as one who helps others. He is proud of his growth as a person[7].


When Tibby was born, his mom made a Stuffed Animal doll for him to play with. Tibby would always play with it and take it to bed, but he eventually grew out of it and started playing with the other kids in Heaven World[8][9]. Tibby's Mom keeps the doll as a reminder of her little boy[10].

In Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic 37テビリと天の国 (Tibby and Heaven World), Tibby is seen riding on a horse around Mamarin Palace. He loses his grip however, and falls down into Earth World, which leads into the story of the game. He encounters a mysterious individual (the player), who agrees to help him return to Heaven World. The two see a Green Tower in the distance, and decide to go to it. They pass through various lands, helping various people with their troubles by clearing Rhythm Games along the way in order to progress. During these encounters, Tibby talks with the other characters, without the player being able to add to the conversation. The two are also periodically stopped by other characters, such as Rupert who appears to give information on newly unlocked features, or the Gatekeeper Trio, who intend on challenging the duo with a modified Endless Game.

After clearing all of the lands along the way, the duo finally reach Lush Woods, where the Green Tower, properly known as the Lush Tower, can be found. Here they meet Trey, who has been guarding the tower for a long time, and agrees to help Tibby reach Heaven World by having him and the player climb the tower, clearing Rhythm Games along the way to restore the flow to the tower, and thus activate it's power. Upon doing so, Tibby rides a beam of green light up into the sky, but this is not enough to reach Heaven World. Trey informs him that they need a rainbow of power for that, after which other towers appear, each based on the theme of each land, guarded by the same people encountered in them. After clearing them, Tibby has enough power to return to Heaven World. The story appears to be finished, however, Tibby sends a letter to the player saying there's trouble in Heaven World, asking for their help.

The player, using the letter to climb up the rainbow, reaches Heaven World. Tibby explains that he doesn't know what's happened, but trusts that with the player's help, they can fix it. They pass through a few lands, helping Tibby's friends by clearing Rhythm Games along the way in order to progress, and having one last encounter with the Gatekeeper Trio. After clearing all of the lands along the way, the duo finally reach Mamarin Palace, which Tibby reveals is also his mom, and that he is fated to grow up into a palace just like her[11]. Here they meet Colin, who has been looking for Tibby to inform him that his mom is in trouble. He asks the duo to climb up to the top of the palace to ask her face-to-face what's happened. To open the door however, they need to climb up the two towers next to the palace, clearing the Rhythm Games in them to restore the flow, and thus unlock the door to the palace proper.

After clearing the Rhythm Games within Tibby's Mom and climbing to the top, Tibby tries talking to her. Although she doesn't respond, Tibby explains to her how much has happened along his way back, meeting a lot of people, and learning that everyone else has troubles like him. He says he has decided to live as one who helps others, but still gets no response from his mother. She then exhales, revealing she was actually holding her breath to cure her hiccups the whole time, which is what caused the spooky voice and gloomy skies in Heaven World. Tibby is shocked to learn this, but quickly smiles again, knowing everything's back to normal. Tibby's Mom notices her son brought along a new friend (the player), thanks them for helping her son and hopes they stay friends for a very long time[12]. During the Gameplay Counts after this, Tibby is seen blowing bubbles with his friends.

Tibby makes numerous appearances in Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic. In 03 ぼく、テビリ! (I'm Tibby!) introduces Tibby as a pink ball of fluff. It grows legs, and eventually reveals itself to be Tibby. In Tibby and Peach, Tibby gets hit on the head by a peach. The peach bounces off his hair, and he starts laughing. Several more peaches start falling, and soon Tibby is trapped under a lot of a peaches. In 11テビリとバーバーショップ (Tibby and Barbershop), Tibby is getting a haircut at the Barbershop. Tibby falls asleep as Captain Tuck cuts his hair, but he overdoes it. Embarrassed, the barber moves away, as the seal that was sitting behind them climbs onto Tibby's head to hide the mistake. In 17テビリとマスター (Tibby and Barista), as Tibby shares a peach with Barista, he asks him how old he is. The dog claims he is 100 years older than Tibby, then says he was just kidding.

In 19テビリとウコン (Tibby and Colin), Tibby meets with Colin, and notices how the latter's belly looks like a door. Colin claims that it is, and opens it up for Tibby to see inside. In 23テビリとバッタ (Tibby and Bertram), Tibby meets with Bertram, and tells him about Colin's belly being "that". Bertram, now sweating, comments that Colin's belly is "cool", which confuses Tibby. Bertram tries to correct himself and says it's "cute", which confuses Tibby again. Bertram tries to assure him that he knows what they're talking about. In 28テビリとオモナガ (Tibby and Philip), Tibby meets with Philip, who tells him that he started learning ballroom dancing. He mentions the classroom is on the fourth floor of the Songbird Tower, how the teacher's neck twists around when things go well, and how his arms start stretching. He mentions how the teacher's neck stretches if he messes up, and that he sometimes wears a bird beak. Tibby reluctantly moves away. In 31テビリとイヨカン (Tibby and Betty), Betty comes to Tibby to complain about how Colin ate all her snacks, how Bertram scribbled on the book she gave him, and that Philip stood her up on her date. Tibby comments on each occurance, saying Philip is always busy with baseball practice, but also secretly worried about the "date" part.

In 33レスラーとファン (Wrestler and Fans), Tibby and his friends take a picture with Wrestler. 37テビリと天の国 (Tibby and Heaven World), as mentioned above, shows the incident during which Tibby falls from Heaven World at the start of the story of the game. In 38記念日 (Anniversary), Tibby is playing something, when he suddenly gets a phone call from the Martian. The alien tries to tell him about the game having sold 650,000 units, but as it speaks in its own language, which Tibby doesn't understand, he hangs up, thinking it was a prank call. Finally, in Language, the Martian tells Tibby that it has now mastered the Earthling language. Tibby asks the alien about the pork rice bowl he was promised the previous day, to which the Martian reacts with alien speak.



  • In previous games, there would always be a character who served as a sort of "host", being the one who greets the player when starting and reaching the endings, and is prominently featured in the game. Tibby serves this role for Rhythm Heaven Megamix in the latter sense, and also acts as a more traditional "host" in the Rhythm Heaven Megamix Demo.
  • Tibby appears as the game's loading icon. Through the Stable minigame, the player can earn Mascots, which can appear as the loading icon once obtained. Tibby has a Mascot obtained through this minigame as well, meaning there are two separate loading icons based on Tibby.
  • Although the information given in the Rhythm Items is mostly consistent across languages, some details are changed. For example, in Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+ and Rhythm Sesang: The Best+, it is stated that Tibby's Mom bought a doll for her son[8][9], while in other versions, it is stated she made it herself. In the Italian version, it is stated she made it for his birthday, rather than when he was born[13], while the German and Spanish versions leave it vaguely as being during Tibby's childhood[14][15].
  • There is an unused sprite of Tibby sitting at the Café, carrying a backpack. While each character met in Earth World sometimes appear as customers in the Café after their respective Stages are cleared, Tibby never does this.
  • One Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu theme is based on Tibby, depicting him dressed up as various characters from the game. The name of this theme in North America incorrectly uses Tibby's Japanese name, being named Rhythm Heaven Megamix Costumed Tebiri[16] (リズム天国 ザ・ベスト+ まねっこテビリ[17]?, Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+ Manekko Tebiri). This is corrected in the European Theme Shop, where it is named Rhythm Paradise Megamix Costumed Tibby[18].
  • Tibby makes a cameo in WarioWare Gold as a plush toy during the prologue to Mona's stage, Search for Style. This same plush appears again in WarioWare: Get It Together! in the introduction to Mona's level That's Life.
  • Tibby makes a cameo in a special comic known as Ashley's Halloween Night (アシュリーのハロウィンナイト?, Ashurī no Harou~in Naito)[19], where he joins Ashley and Red among others on Halloween.
  • Tibby later makes a cameo in a Daigasso! Band Brothers P comic, alongside Martian and Red, attending Ashley's live performance[20].

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese テビリ Tebiri
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Tibby
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Tibby
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Tibby
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Tibby
Flag of Germany.svg German Fipsi
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Tibby
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Tibby[21]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Tibby[22]
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Тибби[23] Tibby
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 테비리 Tebiri


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