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Epilogue 3DS First Contact OK.png
うたに あわせて
パンッと 手を
ConsoleGBA Icon.png Rhythm Tengoku
The☆Bon Odori
Let's clap our
hands along with
the Bon Odori song.
ConsoleGBA Icon.png (Translation)
ぼんおどりの うたにあわせて
パンッと 手を たたきましょう。
ConsoleArcade Icon.png Rhythm Tengoku
The☆Bon Odori
Let's clap our hands along
with the Bon Odori song.
ConsoleArcade Icon.png (Translation)
ConsoleGBA Icon.png
Prologue GBA The☆Bon Odori.png
ConsoleArcade Icon.png
Prologue Arcade The☆Bon Odori.png
ConsoleGBA Icon.png 11
ConsoleGBA Icon.png "ザ☆ぼんおどり" (The☆Bon Odori)
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The☆Bon Odori (ザ☆ぼんおどり?, Za☆Bon Odori) is the 5th Rhythm Game of Stage 2 (10th overall) in Rhythm Tengoku.

The arrange version, Bon Dance, appears in Revival in Rhythm Tengoku.


Screenshot GBA The Bon Odori.png
Screenshot Arcade The Bon Odori.png

The game takes place at the Bon Festival. The Donpans must clap during the song. The player controls the one on the farthest right. When the song starts, the lyrics show up on the screen and highlight the words as they are sung. The player must clap along with the others when the word "Pan" is sung.


  • Ⓐ: Clap

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!?: The player claps on the beat and the others smile.
  • Early!/Late!?: The player claps out of sync, and a "tick" sound is heard. The others either smile or glare depending on how much of the verse was missed. Yagura-chan at the top looks worried.
  • Miss...?: The player claps either claps off beat or does nothing while the others glare at her. Yagura-chan at the top looks worried in both instances.


ConsoleGBA Icon.png
まわりの評判 (The People's Comments)
GradingNG GBA.png
前半が いまひとつだったなぁ。
(The first half wasn't very good.)
(The second half got a little dreary.)
GradingOK GBA.png
まぁまぁ、 かな。
よしと します。
(Well, I wonder.)
(For now...)
(All right.)
GradingHI GBA.png
後半で もりあがったね〜!
クライマックスが きまってた!!
さいごに ちゃんと シメてたね!
(The first half was great!)
(The second half was really rousing~!)
(You nailed the climax!)
(You made it in the end!)


ConsoleGBA Icon.png
GradingNG GBA.png
GradingOK GBA.png
GradingHI GBA.png
Epilogue GBA The☆Bon Odori NG.png Epilogue GBA The☆Bon Odori OK.png Epilogue GBA The☆Bon Odori HI.png
さむいわ… せんこう花火って、せつないね。 あー、楽しかった!
(I'm cold...) (Sparklers are kinda sad.) (Ahh, that was fun!)
ConsoleArcade Icon.png
GradingNG Arcade.png
GradingOK Arcade.png
GradingHI Arcade.png
Epilogue Arcade The☆Bon Odori NG.png Epilogue Arcade The☆Bon Odori OK.png Epilogue Arcade The☆Bon Odori HI.png
さむいわ… せんこう花火って、せつないね。 あー、楽しかった!
(I'm cold...) (Sparklers are kinda sad.) (Ahh, that was fun!)


The☆Bon Odori 2P

ザ☆ぼんおどり 2P
ぼんおどりの うたにあわせて
パンッと 手を たたきましょう。
ConsoleArcade Icon.png Rhythm Tengoku
The☆Bon Odori 2P
Let's clap our hands along
with the Bon Odori song.
ConsoleArcade Icon.png (Translation)
ザ☆ぼんおどり 2P
ConsoleArcade Icon.png
Prologue Arcade The☆Bon Odori.png
ConsoleArcade Icon.png 8
Two Player
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The☆Bon Odori 2P (ザ☆ぼんおどり 2P?, Za☆Bon Odori 2P) is the 4th Rhythm Game of Stage 2 (8th overall) in the 2P mode of Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade).

It plays the same as the 1P version, but the first player takes control of the girl in the orange kimono and the second controls the girl in the red kimono.



The following is commentary given on the STAFF'S VOICE section of the booklet included in Rhythm Tengoku Zen Kyoku-shu.

Japanese Translation
小黒 GBA版のときは、つんく♂がつくった曲をちもとにゲームができていくことが多かったんですけど、これは特別でしたね。 Oguro: In the GBA version, the game was often based on the songs created by Tsunku♂, but this was special.

米 最初に任天堂サイドでたたき台をつくったんですね。自前で作詞・作曲をして、歌はデザイナーの女の子に頼んで、それをつんく♂さんに聴いていただいたんです。すると、つんく♂さんから「歌ってる人、うまいねえ」とほめていただいたので、「そのまま使われるかも?」って、淡い期待をいだいたのですが、そのあと時東ぁあみさんに歌っていただくことになって…。たたき台だったとはいえ、すごく気合いを入れてつくったんですけどね(笑)。ちなかみに、デザイナーの女の子は、「スペースダンス」の「Turn Right」や「告白マシーン」の声も担当しています。 Yone: First, Nintendo created the basis for the song. I wrote the lyrics and music myself, asked a designer girl to sing the song, and had Tsunku♂ listen to it. Then, Tsunku♂ complimented me on my song, saying, "The singer is good". I had faint hopes that they might use the song as it was, but then, after that, Ami Tokito sang it for us. Even though it was just a draft, I put a lot of energy into it (laughs). The designer girl also voices Space Dance's "Turn Right" and "Kokuhaku Machine".

つんく♂ 僕としてはとにかく「にんきあがれば きゅうりょうあがる」というフレーズを入れたかったんです。作詞するとき、「はなびあがれば〜」で韻を踏むおようにして、「ほかにあがるものは何かな?」って考えて、「てんぷらあげたら コレステロールあがる」とかいろいろ考えてましたね(笑)。あと、「ソレひっくりかえって どんどどんばーん」のところでは、任天堂さんに頼んで、キャラクターをクルッツと回転する絵に書き直してもらいました。ライブでクルッとやると、お客さんが盛り上がるだろうなって。 Tsunku♂: I wanted to include the phrase "Ninki Agare ba, Kyūryō agaru" in some way. When I wrote the lyrics, I tried to rhyme it with "Hanabi agare ba~" and thought, "What else will go up?" I thought of things like, "Tempura agetara, Cholesterol agaru" (laughs). Also, for the part "Sore hikkurikaette Dondodonpa-n" I asked Nintendo to re-draw the characters spinning around. I thought the audience would be excited to see them spinning at a live performance.


  • Although every other 2P game in Rhythm Tengoku (Arcade) received a 2P version of their arrange version as well, this one did not. I.e., there is no "Bon Dance 2P".

Development History

Main article: The☆Bon Odori/Development

In Other Languages

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