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The Studio (スタジオ?, Sutajio) is an area in Rhythm Tengoku accessed through the Menu. Here the player can listen to the music they've unlocked through the Perfect Campaign, as well as make use of their Drum Lessons by drumming to the music. Some Perfect Campaigns reward new drums to try out in the Studio as well.

After getting all Perfects, the Barista adds more music to the Studio.


Here the player can access a selection of tracks from the game, depending of the amount of Perfects obtained thus far. On the MUSIC LIST the player can choose to listen to music, drum to it, move the tracks around or mark them.

Screenshot GBA Studio Listen.png

While Listening (リスニング?, Risuningu), Anata appears in the Drum Lesson area, but instead of playing, he drinks coffee while the music plays. The Samurai Drummer is absent as well. The background displays various patterns or scenes depending on the track. After the song ends, it moves on to the next track that has a checkmark in the list, and loops to the top after the last track. Unlike the next two games, the player can't set the tracks to shuffle or play in order, and the tracks are usually in whatever order they were added as Gifts through the Perfect Campaign unless the player decides to move them around. The player can press the Select button to return to the Studio menu at any time. If the player recorded a drumming track on a song, chooing Listening replays the player's drumming, with the track in the top right including the text "with user drumming" to clarify.

Screenshot GBA Studio Drumming.png

When the player chooses Drumming (ドラミング?, Doramingu), they first must choose the drums from the DRUMS LIST, collected from the Perfect Campaign. The various drums make different sounds. The controls are the same as in Drum Lesson, and they can be considered a "practice" of sorts for this mode and Live. While drumming, the normal drum beat of the song is removed. The sound of drumsticks being clicked together four times before the music starts, and in some songs before a tempo change, can also be heard. After the song ends, the player can save their performance, which is marked with an "M" symbol. Choosing the song without selecting any options plays the saved performance, or only the music if no performance data is saved. Only one performance per song can be saved[1] and up to 10 in total[2]. Choosing "Drumming" when there's performance data will prompt the player to delete it. There is also a Silent track which allows the player to drum freely, essentially composing a song.

The player can use Narabikae (ならびかえ?, Sorting) to sort the music and Check (チェック?, Chekku) to mark a track for Listening mode.

Music List

The very first track in the list is pure silence, allowing the player to compose their own music on the drums. Here, the prompt to save the performance happens when quitting with the Select button, as there is no "end" to reach. The player cannot mark it, and thus cannot listen to it.

Silent, Title, Opening, Menu, Game Select and Rhythm Shiryo Shitsu are all available from the start. All games which don't give drums or reading material as Gifts give their music instead. After obtaining all Perfects, the rest of the tracks are added.

Drums List

Each drum set produces different sounds, ranging from realistic to ridiculous. Some sets do a hi-hat when pressing Up on ✚, while others do a drumroll[3]. All other controls remain the same.

  • Normal Drum (フツーなドラム?, Futsū na Doramu) ~ Unlocked from the start.
  • Dry Drum (ドライなドラム?, Dorai na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Marcher.
  • Power Drum (パワーなドラム?, Pawā na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Shiroi Obake.
  • Techno Drum (テクノなドラム?, Tekuno na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Hopping Road 2.
  • Matte Drum (マットなドラム?, Matto na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Hopping Road.
  • Asia Drum (アジアなドラム?, Ajia na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Iai Giri.
  • Light Drum (ライトなドラム?, Raito na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Ninja.
  • Hard Drum (ハードなドラム?, Hādo na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Shiroi Obake 2.
  • Hat-Tech Drum (ハットテクなドラム?, Hattoteku na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Rhythm Datsumo 2.
  • Heel-Tech Drum 1 (カカトテクなドラム 1?, Kakatoteku na Doramu 1) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Marcher 2.
  • Heel-Tech Drum 2 (カカトテクなドラム 2?, Kakatoteku na Doramu 2) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Polyrhythm 2.
  • Sound Effects Drum (音効なドラム?, Onkō na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Remix 1.
  • Tap Drum (タップなドラム?, Tappu na Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Kossori Rat.
  • Wind Drum (風切るドラム?, Kaze Kiru Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Toss Boys.
  • Samurai Drum (さむらいドラム?, Samurai Doramu) ~ Unlocked with a Perfect on Karateka 2.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese スタジオ Studio


  1. "この演奏データを削除するヨ!ホントにOK?" (You'll delete your saved data! Is this OK?" ~ Message in the Studio, Rhythm Tengoku
  2. "演奏データは10コしか残せません。 データは残らないけど演奏する?" (You can only save 10 pieces of performance data. You can't save any data, but do you want to play?) ~ Message in the Studio, Rhythm Tengoku
  3. "ドラムセットによって十字ボタンの上はハイハットだったりロールだったりします。" (Depending on the drum set, Up on the +Control Pad will either be a hi-hat or a drumroll.) ~ Samurai Drummer in Drum Lesson Short 4, Rhythm Tengoku
  4. "Hello there! Oh, hey, did you know you can now watch the epilogue slide show in the museum? I'll tell you a secret about that... If you start while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, something good may happen. Try that in Play Music too. That's all the trade secrets I can give away in one visit. See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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