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Sprite 3DS Mascot Boondog.gif
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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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Boondog (ブンブン?, Bunbun) is a character encountered in Honeybee Land and Honeybee Tower in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Boondog appears to be a cross between a bee and a dog. When first encountered, he often explaims "Bzzzark! Bzzzark!", which he claims is Beehound language[1]. He also adds a "bzzz" sound to the beginning of some of his words, and often makes bee puns, occasionally mixing them with dog puns. He appears to do typical bee behavior in his day-to-day life, such as pollinating plants[2] and a love for honey[3].


After Tibby falls from the sky and meets the player, they try going to the Green Tower they saw in the distance. After a while, they end up in Honeybee Land, where they meet Boondog, who has lost his flow and cannot let them pass until they help him. He describes this feeling as an identity crisis[4]. In order to restore it, the player and Tibby must clear four Rhythm Games.

After clearing the first game, Boondog tells the player about the coins they just received[5]. After getting the All Clear, Boondog is once again inspired, and unlocks the door to Machine Land. He informs the player on how they can move on to the next land, and asks them to come back and visit[6].

After Honeybee Land has been cleared, Boondog may visit the Café as a customer, where the player can talk to him. He supports the Café as a dog-owned business, and says it is his favorite place to relax. He always drinks tea with honey[7], but he sometimes puts too much of it[8]. Boondog also suspects he and the Barista might be related[9]. He acknowledges that Honeybee Land doesn't have as many bees as one might expect, and asks the player to help them out as a favor while he drinks his tea[10]. His mother is worried about his health[11], and she scolds him for spending all his money at the Shop[12]. Boondog is a big fan of video games, and his mother tells him he spends too much time on them. Boondog notices one time that she was playing anyway after he'd gone to bed[13]. Boondog mentions he had been stung by a bee once[14], and he likes maple syrup on pancakes instead of honey, for which he feels like he's letting his people down[15]. He was picked up by Dieter as a hitchhiker on one ocassion, and gave him 12 pounds of honey as thanks, although Dieter is not sure what to do with it[16].

Later on, after Tibby and the player clear Lush Tower, Tibby tries to use its power to return to Heaven World, but it is not enough. Trey informs him that they need a rainbow of power for that, after which the six towers appear, one of them being Honeybee Tower. Here, the player and Tibby encounter Boondog once again, who tells them that his tribe has been guarding the tower from intruders for ages, but haven't kept it clean, and as such it has lost its flow. To restore it, the player and Tibby need to clear the five Rhythm Games within[17]. Upon doing so, Boondog awakens the tower's secret power, which helps create the rainbow needed to reach Heaven World[18].



In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ブンブン Buzz-Buzz
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Boondog Japanese onomatopoeia for buzzing + dog
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Boondog
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Bzzzourdon Pun on "Bzzz" (buzz) + "bourdon" (bumblebee)
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Libón Pun on "libar" (to suck nectar) + -ón (adjective suffix)
Flag of Germany.svg German Bienli Pun on "biene" (bee)
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Candolce Pun on "cane" (dog) + "dolce" (sweet)
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 붕붕 Buzz-Buzz


  1. "Bzzzark! Bzzzark! Sorry, you probably don't speak Beehound, huh?" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  2. "Isn't it obvious? I live to pollinate. Bzzzark!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  3. "Look at all the honey! It's flowing all over! This doesn't help MY flow, but I was out of honey, so this helps. Now, please excuse me while I dive into it!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  4. "Lately, I've been having a bzzzit of an identity crisis. I feel like I've fallen off my rhythm--lost my flow." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  5. "That window is letting the light of hope shine in. Bzzark! Just keep flowing like fresh honey, friend! Oh, one more thing. As a reward for your hard work... you got some coins! Hang on to them for something good later. You'll want to collect them like pollen!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  6. "Just press ✚ to go on to the next stage. And don't forget to use ✚ to come back and visit!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  7. "Bzzzark--I mean hello! This Café is my favorite place to relax. I like to support dog-owned bzzznesses, and the owner provides honey for the tea. I hope you like it as much as I do. Make yourself at hive!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  8. "I have a confession to make. I put WAY too much honey in this tea. The barista caught me at it yesterday. He was hurt that I can't taste his tea. It's not that I don't like his tea! I just LOVE honey! Please don't tell him I did it, OK? I wouldn't want to spoil our friendship." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  9. "The other day, I was talking to the barista about families. And I got this suspicion that maybe he and I are related! So I asked him if there are any bees in his family. He just got this funny look and said, "Could be." But the way he said it? I heard TWO Es." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  10. "So you know how I come from Honeybee Land? You'd think it would be crazy full of bees, right? But there are only four bees there! You can see them next time you visit. As you'd guess, they're real, real bzzzzy keeping the place running. Would you do me a favor and help them out? ...What about me? I haveother responsibilities. This tea won't drink itself, pal." ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  11. "My mom called the day before yesterday. She asked how I was feeling, and I told her I've been tired. She said that probably means I should change my diet. What do you think? Does food affect your energy? Should I be eating even MORE honey?" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  12. "Are you heading to the shop later? I love getting Rhythm Items there, but... I always spend all my money and get scolded by my mom. Someday I'll act more like a drone and less like a larva!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  13. "Do you ever play video games? I'm a big fan. My mom says I spend too much time with them, but... the other night I heard her playing after I went to bed! Ever notice that adults don't always follow their own advice?" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  14. "Have you ever been stung by a bee? I have. But just once. And I did nothing! Just minding my own bzzzness! So I asked the bee that stung me why she did it. You know what she said? "Because I'm a bee." Some people, you know?" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  15. "There's something I've been keeping a secret for a while. You may not believe this, but I...I... I always put maple syrup on my pancakes. Not honey. Are you...disappointed in me? I feel like I've let my people down, you know?" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  16. "All the driving I do, I pick up hitchhikers sometimes. So I pick up this guy the other day. Weird fella. We talked a bit, but when I dropped him off? He gave me a big ol' pot o' honey to thank me! Come to think of it, he had wings... Why didn't he just fly? And what am I gonna do with 12 pounds of honey?" ~ Dieter, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  17. "Bzzark, bzzark! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Welcome to Honeybee Tower. My tribe has guarded this tower for ages, stinging all intruders. But we haven't kept the place as clean as we could have... So it's pretty dusty and sad in here. It's lost its flow. But with you guys here, things will change!If you can fix the flow around here... I'll help you get back to your hive in Heaven World!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  18. "You fixed the flow in Honeybee Tower! The tower looks so happy! If it had a stinger, it would be wagging! Must be time for me to do my part, huh? Let's awaken the tower's secret power. Bzzark!" ~ Boondog, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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