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Let's see... One place that's open right now is the museum on the far right. You'll see it yourself, but it's kinda like your own personal vault. Keep your stuff in there, come by to visit it--you know. Spend quality time with your possessions.

Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Screenshot 3DS Museum.png

The Museum (ミュージアム?, Myūjiamu) is a location within the Café in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It acts as the player's "personal vault", storing their progress and other possessions related to the Rhythm Games.


Upon first unlocking the Café, the museum is available. Here, the player can see all the Rhythm Games from the Story Mode laid out in a grid, similar to the Game Select screens in previous titles. On the Touch Screen in an image of Marshal looking at a painting, and the player's Flow (which is simply the average of the player's scores across all Rhythm Games, rounded up). Selecting a game displays a screen showing its icon, the player's Rank in the form of a frame and Medal if applicable, whether the Skill Star was obtained on it, the player's score, and the Rhythm Game's name. Below are four pedestals:

  • Rhythm Item: If purchased from the Shop, the player can read the description of that Rhythm Game's item, similar to the Reading Material of previous titles.
  • Play Music: If purchased from the Shop, the player can listen to that Rhythm Game's music here, similar to the Music Corner of previous titles.
  • View Epilogue: The player game view the epilogue to the Rhythm Game, up to the highest Rank they currently have achieved.
  • Play Game: This pedestal contains an icon displaying the icon of the console the Rhythm Game originated on, and serves as a shortcut to play it. The Rhythm Game's description is displayed on the Touch Screen, alongside an image of Marshal play a maracca and tambourine.

After completing all three challenges set by the Gatekeeper Trio in each gate, the Endless Game is unlocked in the museum. The player cannot replay the individual challenges from Story Mode through the museum, nor can the Endless Game be played in Story Mode. Selecting the game through the menu displays its icon, the player's best score, and the Endless Game's name. As these games do not have an epilogue, the pedestal for it is removed. A second Rhythm Item can be unlocked by beating a pre-determined score, which adds a fourth pedestal to complete the set.

The player can purchase additional Rhythm Games from the Shop, which can only be played through the museum. The order of the games follows the order they're played in during Story Mode (with the towers in Lush Woods, which can be played in any order in Story Mode, following the order of their respective lands prior to this point, and the towers in Mamarin Palace having Left-Hand Tower followed by Right-Hand Tower), with six rows afterwards for all the Rhythm Games obtained through the Shop.

After clearing Shoot-'em-up, Saltwater gets hired by the museum at the Café as a curator[1]. When first talked to, he seems to recognize the player, but dismisses it, and explains what the museum is about[2]. When talking to him, the player gets three options:

  • Badges: Here the player can view the badges they've collected, which serve as achievements.
  • Mascots: Here the player can view their Mascot Collection, obtained from the Stable.
  • Memories: Here the player can rewatch the three ending cutscenes from Story Mode.

The player can watch Slide Shows (スライドショー?, Suraido Shō) of the epilogues after unlocking them all, which cycles through all Try Again, OK or Superb epilogues, depending on which one they were viewing when entering the slide show[3]. If the player starts this or Play Music while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, they can drum to the music with the same controls as Drum Lesson and Studio from Rhythm Tengoku[4]. Rather than playing as Anata, Spooky of the Tiny Ghosts is used instead.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ミュージアム Museum
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Museum
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Museum
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Musée Museum
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Museo Museum
Flag of Germany.svg German Museum
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Museo Museum
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Museum[6]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Museu[7] Museum
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Музей[8] Museum
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 박물관 Museum


  1. "Hello there! Oh, I should tell you... Big staffing news around here. The museum went and hired a curator. Seems pretty legit. He comes off real serious. Go chat with him sometime. See you later." ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  2. "Welcome! Wait... Have I seen you somewhere before? Eh, never mind. Must be thinking of someone else. Anyway, here's the museum, where we keep stuff. We've got games, Rhythm Items, memories, etc., etc. Take a while. Soak it in. Be proud of yourself. Feel free to come by when you want to bask. So, what do you want to see?" ~ Saltwater, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  3. "Hello there! I've got a bit of news for you! You know how you can see epilogues from games you've unlocked in the museum, right? Now you can check out some cool Slide Shows, too. Just push the play button under an epilogue to start the show. Maybe have a cup of coffee and look back at your accomplishments? See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  4. "Hello there! Oh, hey, did you know you can now watch the epilogue slide show in the museum? I'll tell you a secret about that... If you start while pressing down 🄻 and 🅁, something good may happen. Try that in Play Music too. That's all the trade secrets I can give away in one visit. See you later!" ~ Barista, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  5. "Hello? Oh, yes, we're open today. Just started brewing a fresh pot of coffee. Coming to our café soon? Um, you live in Diamond City? Well, if you can't get here, I'll yip on with you for a bit over the horn. Let's see... Oh, I've got an Ashley story, believe it or not. We put an Ashley doll in our café, and ever since then, we've had a lot more customers coming in than usual. Can't help thinking there's some hocus-pocus behind it all. But if you find any other Ashley stuff, I'd be interested. Oh, sorry to yip on so long there. Have a great day." ~ Phone Code 22, WarioWare Gold
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