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Donna (ドナドナ?, Donadona) is a character encountered in Donut Land and Donut Tower in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


Donna is a woman with a donut hat over her head and what looks to be a blue bodysuit. She seems to be romantically attracted to donuts, making a distinction between "handsome" donuts and regular ones[1], which leaves people like Tibby bewildered[2]. She often makes donut-related puns[3].


Donna mentions one tidbit about her childhood while at the Café. When she was little, her parents told her lying is bad, and she really took it to heart. In this conversation, she implies she is in her thirties, and almost lies that she is in her twenties[4].

After Tibby and the player help Shep in Citrus Land, they continue on to Donut Land. Here they meet Donna, who is nuts about donuts, but has no donuts to talk to. To help her find the missing donuts, they must clear four Rhythm Games. Upon clearing each game, donuts appear, which leaves Donna at a loss for which one to go with[5]. After getting the All Clear, Donna believes in love again[6], and unlocks the door to The Second Gate. Before leaving, she briefly flirts with Tibby, seemingly mistaking him for a donut[7].

After Donut Land has been cleared, Donna may visit the Café as a customer, where the player can talk to her. Here, she contemplates what to do with the two handsome donuts in her life[8], as well as whether she should care as much about a donut's appearance, deciding to think about donuts' feelings as well[9]. She wonders if her outfit resembles pajamas[10], and she compliments the coffee aroma of the Café, believing coffee was made to go with donuts. She has tried making coffee at home, but believes it always tastes better when it's made by someone else[11]. She mentions one time when she heard someone calling out her name, only to see a donut on a plate. She wonders if the donut was flirting with her[12]. She mentions that she has been reading a book called Emptiness: A Donut's Heart[13], and that her favorite season is autumn[14]. She once went to the park and tried going down the new curly slide, but her head got stuck at the top[15]. She reveals she's never been outside of Donut Land before, and envies the player on their journey[16].

Later on, after Tibby and the player clear Lush Tower, Tibby tries to use its power to return to Heaven World, but it is not enough. Trey informs him that they need a rainbow of power for that, after which the six towers appear, one of them being Donut Tower. Here, the player and Tibby encounter Donna once again, who tells them that her tribe has been watching over the tower for many years, but it has lost its flow over time, and the donut on top of the tower cannot be clearly seen anymore. To restore it, the player and Tibby need to clear the five Rhythm Games within[17]. Upon doing so, Donna awakens the tower's secret power, which helps create the rainbow needed to reach Heaven World[18].


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ドナドナ Donadona
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Donna Pun on "donut" and the name "Donna"
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Donna
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Donuta Pun on "donut" and the feminine suffix -a
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Roscalinda Pun on "rosca" (donut) and the name "Rosalinda"
Flag of Germany.svg German Donna
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Bella pun on "ciambella" (donut) and the name "Bella"
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 도나도나 Donadona


  1. "Hubba hubba! Check out that handsome ring of dough! Oh, I'm suddenly feeling shy! Too much handsome!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  2. "...There are handsome donuts?" ~ Tibby, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  3. "So, do you, like, do...nuts? Do. Nuts. Donuts!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  4. "When I was little, my parents told me lying was bad. I really took it to heart. I haven't lied since. What? How old am I now? Let's see... Thir... No. Twen... Wait a sec! You almost got me to lie!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  5. "Oh no! Which one should I give my heart (and arteries) to?" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  6. "Thank you again! You found so many fresh-faced donuts! Thanks to you, I believe in love again!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  7. "That pink-frosted head of yours... Would you care to stay" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  8. "*sigh* I have a problem. I do-nut like this... I have two handsome donuts in my life! And these donuts both seem to like me... Which one should I choose? I do-nut know! Never have I had this problem in my hole life!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  9. "You know what I've been thinking lately? I might be thinking too much about a donut's appearance. There's more to being a good donut than being handsome. Appearance is just the surface...along with glaze. What's inside is what really counts. Especially with jelly donuts. From now on, I'm going to think about donuts' feelings. Of course, some donuts are just empty inside... Hmm..." ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  10. "I need to ask you something, if you do-nut mind. Does my outfit look like pajamas to you? I caught a glimpse in the mirror, and now it's all I see! Oh, well. At least I'm comfortable." ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  11. "I love the coffee aroma of this place. It's like coffee was made to go with donuts, you know? And I've tried making coffee at home, but it's not the same. Coffee always tastes better when it's made by someone else." ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  12. "So I was relaxing at home alone the other day... and I thought I heard someone say my name. I turned around, and there was this handsome donut on a plate. I know it sounds crazy, but... do you think it was flirting with me?" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  13. "Hi there! Do you read much? I sure do! The book I'm into now is called Emptiness: A Donut's Heart. It's fascinating to read a donut's perspective on things! You should read it. You'll never look at icing the same way again!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  14. "Hey, what's your favorite season? I like autumn the best. It's just the perfect time of year to enjoy hot coffee. If only I knew something good to eat with my coffee..." ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  15. "I went to play in the park the other day. They've got a great new curly slide! I wanted to try it out right away... but my head got stuck at the top... Why are you laughing?" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  16. "Do you enjoy traveling? I've actually never been outside of Donut Land. I'm a bit jealous of you going on your journey... Oh, the pastries you'll meet in foreign lands..." ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  17. "Nuts to you! Donuts, that is! Welcome to Donut Tower. My tribe has been watching the fryers here forever. You used to be able to see the tower's handsome, donutty face. ...Which is why I'd like to ask a favor. Give the tower its handsome face again! If you can restore the tower's flow, it'll show its face again! ...And I'll be happy to help you get back to Heaven World!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
  18. "You did it! You restored the flow to Donut Tower! The tower looks so tall and rugged... Oh! Let me awaken its power like I promised!" ~ Donna, Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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