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Heaven World
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Tibby and his friends

Heaven World (天の国?, Ten no Kuni), misspelled as Hevven World (てんのくに?, Ten no Kuni) by Tibby[1][2], is where the second half of the story of Rhythm Heaven Megamix takes place. It consists of three lands and the royal palace.


Heaven World is a place situated high above Earth World, possibly in outer space. Here, the only known inhabitants are also its guardians. Tibby's Mom watches over the people of Heaven World and acts as their queen, with her son Tibby being the prince[3]. The other guardians are also Tibby's friends. They are known to transform into palaces when they grow up[4].


Using the power of each tower in Lush Woods, Tibby rides a rainbow up to Heaven World. The story appears to be finished, however, Tibby sends a letter to the player saying there's trouble in Heaven World, asking for their help.

The player, using the letter to climb up the rainbow, reaches Heaven World. Tibby explains that he doesn't know what's happened, but trusts that with the player's help, they can fix it. They pass through a few lands, helping Tibby's friends by clearing Rhythm Games along the way in order to progress:

After clearing all of the lands along the way, the duo finally reach Mamarin Palace, which is also Tibby's Mom. Here they meet Colin, who has been looking for Tibby to inform him that Tibby's Mom is in trouble. He asks the duo to climb up to the top of the palace to ask her face-to-face what's happened. To open the door however, they need to climb up the two towers next to the palace, clearing the Rhythm Games in them to restore the flow, and thus unlock the door to the palace proper.

After clearing the Rhythm Games within Tibby's Mom and climbing to the top, Tibby tries talking to her. Although she doesn't respond, Tibby explains to her how much has happened along his way back, meeting a lot of people, and learning that everyone else has troubles like him. He says he has decided to live as one who helps others, but still gets no response from his mother. She then exhales, revealing she was actually holding her breath to cure her hiccups the whole time, which is what caused the spooky voice and gloomy skies in Heaven World. Clearing Heaven World is commemorated with a Badge.



You made it here!
Thank you.
Uh, welcome to Heaven
World, I guess.
My house is pretty close by.

I still don't understand
what's happened.
I've been really worried
about it, but...
with you here, we
can do anything!
Let's start a new journey
Say it with me now...

Let's we go, amigo!

The story continues in Star Land.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 天の国 Heaven Kingdom
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Heaven World
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Heaven World
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Monde paradis Paradise world
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Paradisia Paradisia
Flag of Germany.svg German Himmelswelt Heavenworld
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Mondo celeste Celestial world
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Heaven World[14]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Heaven World[15]
Flag of Russia.svg Russian Небесный мир[16] Heavenly world
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 하늘 나라 Heaven Kingdom


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