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If you're curious, you can look at the Touch Screen...
to see how you did on your timing.
Use that to practice.


"You can check out the touch screen to get instant feedback on your timing. The indicator will show whether you’re tapping too early, too late, or just right!"
Rhythm Heaven Megamix Tips & Tricks - Play Nintendo

The player getting a "Perfect!" input as seen in the Introduction.

The Timing Display (タイミング表示?, Taimingu Hyōji), also called the input-timing display (入力タイミング表示?, Nyūryoku Taimingu Hyōji), is a feature introduced in Rhythm Heaven Megamix meant to help the player practice their timing. It displays the player's accuracy using a set of stars as a visualization on the Touch Screen. It can be turned on or off from the Settings (せってい?, Settei) at the Café.

Timing Names

Epilogue Arcade Marcher 2 OK.png
A helpful visual from Play Nintendo's Tips & Tricks

During the explanation in the Introduction, the words (from left to right) Early! (はやい?, Hayai), Perfect! (ジャスト?, Just) and Late! (おそい?, Osoi) are used to describe the timing. The Challenge Train uses Ace! (ジャスト!?, Just!) to indicate a perfect input, and Miss (ミス…?, Miss...) for when the player goes too early, too late, or misses completely. Being a little early or a little late is not indicated. Internally throughout the series, the names just (ジャスト?, jusato)/success (成功?, seikō), miss (ミス?, misu) and through (スルー?, surū) can also be found.

Each step gives a different amount of points, where getting "Perfect!"/"Ace!" on every single input would result in a 100 score, which although incredibly difficult, is not impossible.

For the purposes of the Rhythm Heaven Wiki, the following is used to describe the timing on Rhythm Game articles:

  • Perfect!/Ace!?: When the player's timing is perfect or near-perfect.
  • Early!/Late!?: When the player misses the mark by going too early or too late.
  • Miss...?: When the player does nothing or does something when they're not supposed to. Depending on the game, performing an action when the player isn't supposed to will either be ignored or considered a miss.

Missing during a Perfect Campaign will end the run, forcing the player to restart for another try. Missing in a game with a lives counter (as in certain Endless Games or during a Lives Goal in Challenge Land) reduces the amount of lives by one.

Skill Star


The Skill Star (キメ星?, Kime-boshi) is a collectable in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, serving as an optional challenge for the player. Obtaining a Skill Star requires getting a "Perfect!" input during a crucial moment in a Rhythm Game. Doing an early or late ace input or missing entirely during the run up to the Skill Star will cancel it, meaning the player will need to restart to try again. Getting all Skill Stars is commemorated with a Badge.

Although most Skill Stars are given for a perfect input during a certain part of the game, due to Quiz Show's unique gameplay, its Skill Star is awarded for having "great flow with the rhythm", which is when the contestant follows the host's pattern and scores 90 points or more. Additionally, the Introduction gives the player a go at collecting a Skill Star, but it doesn't count towards anything.

Skill Stars don't appear during the Perfect Campaign nor while riding the Challenge Train.


When the player completes a Rhythm Game and sees the Results in Rhythm Heaven Megamix, they can get a Skill Star bonus and a No Miss bonus through self-explanatory means. These bonuses give the player more coins.

If the Skill Star is collected for the first time, it is acknowledged with the message First Skill Star!


Anata getting the perfect indication in Drum Lesson.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese タイミング表示 Timing Display
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Timing Display
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Timing Display
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Affichage précision Precision display
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Ayuda Help
Flag of Germany.svg German Timing-Anzeige Timing display
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Visualizzazione tempismo Timing display
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 타이밍 표시 Timing Display
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