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Rhythm Item

Rhythm Items (リズムアイテム?, Rizumu Aitemu) are in-game collectibles that can be bought from the Shop in Rhythm Heaven Megamix and viewed in the Museum. They serve the same purpose as the Reading Material in previous games. A second Rhythm Item can be obtained in the Endless Games by achieving a certain high score. Collecting all rhythm items is commemorated with a Badge.

Rhythm Items

Honeybee Land

Karate Man

Soccer Ball Karate Memory #1
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Soccer Ball.png
Item holder.png
As a child, I dreamed of being
a soccer player. My father
wouldn't hear of it. "You must
master karate before you
leave my house!" I still live
in the basement.


Robo Juice Something Amiss
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Robo Juice.png
Item holder.png
I fuel up the robots. They take
an eco-friendly fuel made up
mostly of fruit juice. I hear it's
pretty tasty. My lunch is dried
ramen noodles. Why do the
robots eat better than I do?

Air Rally

Baxter's Rival
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Forthington's Racket.png
Item holder.png
Ever since Forthington started
using this racket, I haven't been
able to keep up with him! I can't
believe how much better he's
gotten--I must practice...and
maybe buy a new racket!

Catchy Tune

Paper Bag Canvas Bags, Please!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Paper Bag.png
Item holder.png
I love the market on the hill,
but the bags they use are so
flimsy! Yesterday my bag ripped
and all of my fruit-salad
ingredients went bouncing
down the stairs!

Machine Land

Rhythm Tweezers

Onion Skin Jealous of a Root Vegetable
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Onion Skin.png
Item holder.png
My grandpa's farm grew hairy
onions. You gotta pluck 'em, but
they're real good for ya. The
skins have lots o' nutrients
and stuff. If only MY scalp
were so nutritious!

Glee Club

Baton So Many Uses!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Baton.png
Item holder.png
I wish he wouldn't scratch his
back and eat with his baton...
Of course, I'd probably do the
same if I had one. The conductor
carries a heavy burden.

Figure Fighter

Knock-Off Muscle Doll Not the Same Thing
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Knock-Off Muscle Doll.png
Item holder.png
I asked my grandma to buy me a
Muscle Doll, but she got me a
Mussel Doll instead. When you
pump the air, it clings to a rock.
I couldn't hurt her feelings, so
I pretended to love it. *sigh*

Fruit Basket

Basketball Who Threw These?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Basketball.png
Item holder.png
Sometimes basketballs and fruit
come zooming over the fence
from the school next door.
I always look over the fence,
but there's no one there. Is the
basketball court haunted?

The First Gate

Coin Toss

Smiling Coin All Smiles
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Smiling Coin.png
Item holder.png
These special coins have
smiling faces on both sides.
If only we could be more like
these coins--always smiling,
regardless of which side we
land on.

Coin Toss (High Score)

Joyful Commemoration
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Commemorative Coin.png
Item holder.png
That's right, baby! I'm a
No more getting spent or
flipped like a common
doubloon--I get to chill in
this little house FOREVER!

Citrus Land

The Clappy Trio

Fluffy Wig The Greatest Gift
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fluffy Wig.png
Item holder.png
Our trademark wigs were
actually a gift from one of
our fans! Sadly, she moved
and never saw us wear them.
I wonder how she's doing...


CommPad Ethical Dilemma
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item CommPad.png
Item holder.png
I don't know if I should report
the captain--he keeps using
his CommPad to invite us out
for coffee and dessert after
missions. It's against the
rules...but I love dessert.


Microscope Slide Doctor's Checklist
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Microscope Slide.png
Item holder.png
Let's see here... Got my
microscope, got my lab coat,
got my cool scientist glasses...
What's missing? Wait! Where's
the slide with the rare and
dangerous microbes?!

First Contact

Pork Rice Bowl Martians' Delight
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Pork Rice Bowl.png
Item holder.png
Some Earthling astronauts left
this delicious dish behind when
they visited Mars. Everyone
here loved it! I hear that there's
a pork-rice-bowl restaurant
opening here next month!

Donut Land

Bunny Hop

Mortar & Pestle Shadows on the Moon
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Mortar & Pestle.png
Item holder.png
Japanese folklore says there's
a rabbit on the moon, using a
mortar and pestle to make mochi.
But everyone sees the markings
on the moon differently. I see
a crab with huge claws!


Comic Book Mission Statement
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Comic Book.png
Item holder.png
Team Airboarder lives for
danger! They will save our
wooden-block-covered city
from the evil and colorful
forces that menace it!
Go, Team Airboarder!

Exhibition Match

Team Logo Alternate Strategy
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Team Logo.png
Item holder.png
Only the best batters get to
appear in these exhibition
matches, but I hear that at
least one got there by just
being a big, scary guy that
no one wanted to refuse.

Tongue Lashing

Chameleon Wax Nonstick Coating
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Chameleon Wax.png
Item holder.png
I bought this jar of Chameleon
Wax because the chameleon
keeps getting stuck on the
walls. With this stuff applied
to his feet, he just slides
right down!

The Second Gate

Sick Beats

Radio Offbeat Prescription
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Radio.png
Item holder.png
This item is surprisingly
important to the doctor's work.
You just can't cure diseases
as well without some groovy

Sick Beats (High Score)

Boom Box Who Could Guess?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Boom Box.png
Item holder.png
Turns out that louder music
allows for healthier patients.
Can't say I would have

Barbershop Land

Sneaky Spirits

Arrow A Singular Item
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Arrow.png
Item holder.png
This magic arrow can pierce a
ghost! Impressive, right? (Of
course, we only have the one,
so we keep having to fire and
retrieve it.)

Rhythm Rally

Sales Pitch #1
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Table-Tennis Paddle.png
Item holder.png
Welcome to Rhythm Table
Tennis! Our special today is
the standard paddle. Regular,
vanilla, nothing special about
it whatsoever...except the
price! How can you resist?!


Hot Borscht Hot Soup, Warm Heart
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Hot Borscht.png
Item holder.png
Our captain makes the best
borscht! It's got chunks of meat,
cubed veggies, and diced love
in every bite! It keeps us warm
and satisfied all day long. Let's
get expeditioning!


Suspenders Rumors of the Lumberbear
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Suspenders.png
Item holder.png
Woodcutter Bear needs these
suspenders to keep his trousers
up because his muscles get so
big when he flexes that he has to
wear clothes three sizes too big!

Songbird Land

Power Calligraphy

Calligraphy Set A New Approach
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Calligraphy Set.png
Item holder.png
I got these calligraphy tools as a
hand-me-down from my sister,
but they were so heavy and hard
to set up, I just couldn't get into
it. But then I started doing it to
music, and now I never stop!

Blue Birds

Sunglasses A Tender Moment
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Sunglasses.png
Item holder.png
It's too bright! There's pollen in
the air! I just yawned! I am NOT
crying! I'm not hiding behind
sunglasses! Your hard work and
dedication did NOT move me to
tears! Get back to your station!

Flock Step

Colorful Feathers Love Spell
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Colorful Feathers.png
Item holder.png
"Apparently if you collect one
feather of each color, you will
be irresistible to anyone you
talk to."
"Sorry, what did you say? I

Super Samurai Slice

Monster Debris What IS This?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Monster Debris.png
Item holder.png
After every full moon, there
are piles of this stuff lying
all over the village. No one
knows that the samurai is
saving them, but he doesn't
do it for the recognition.

The Third Gate

Charging Chicken

Driver's License Just LOOK at It!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Driver's License.png
Item holder.png
I've been driving for almost
three years now. I get pulled
over all the time, and I keep
expecting a police officer to
comment on my license
picture--I look so good!

Charging Chicken (High Score)

Golden Driver's
Seriously, Look at It
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Golden Driver's License.png
Item holder.png
When my safe driving record
got me the gold driver's
license, I asked if I could
keep my same picture. It's
such a cute picture of me!

Lush Tower


Rice Ball Lunchtime Regrets
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Rice Ball.png
Item holder.png
This rice ball was supposed to
be my lunch. I didn't mean to
knock it into the endless void
of space--it was supposed to
fill the endless void of my
stomach. So...hungry...

Dog Ninja

Mister Eagle Ninja Poetry
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Mister Eagle.png
Item holder.png
I, a humble ninja beagle, did
battle on high a mighty eagle.
I fought for my lord most regal,
though it was probably illegal.
I was then befouled by a seagull.
I pray there is no sequel.

Hole in One

Trophy Treasured Memory
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Trophy.png
Item holder.png
Getting a hole in one is such
an achievement for a golfer
that some avid players even
have the ball stuffed and
mounted afterward.

Sumo Brothers

Fake Glasses Vision Quest
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fake Glasses.png
Item holder.png
People kept mistaking me for
my brother and vice versa, so
I started wearing glasses.
Then I noticed ladies paid
more attention to me with
glasses. Don't tell my brother.

Lush Remix

Fast-Growing Tree Deep Roots
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fast-Growing Tree.png
Item holder.png
From one seed, it is possible
to cover a land in greenery.
There's probably a lesson
or metaphor or something
in there somewhere.

Honeybee Tower

Karate Man Returns!

Cooking Pot Karate Memory #2
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Cooking Pot.png
Item holder.png
My father is a master of
karate, but not of cooking.
Occasionally he makes
dinner anyway, and he keeps
asking if I like it. I always
lie and tell him it's good.

Fillbots 2

Gear Something Amiss
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Gear.png
Item holder.png
I found this tiny gear on the
road by my house. It's tiny, but
some machine needs it to work.
In a way, I'm just like this gear,
doing my part for the machine
of society. Is the machine OK?

Air Rally 2

Baxter's Racket Forthington's Rival
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Baxter's Racket.png
Item holder.png
Ever since Baxter started
using this racket, I haven't been
able to keep up with him! I can't
believe how much better he's
gotten--I must practice...and
maybe buy a new racket!

Catchy Tune 2

Plastic Bag Bring Your Own Bag
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Plastic Bag.png
Item holder.png
Turns out that the plastic
bags from the fruit market
are even flimsier than the
paper ones. My pineapples
rolled down the steps, and
some kids made off with 'em!

Honeybee Remix

Pacifist Bee The Strength to Not Fight
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Pacifist Bee.png
Item holder.png
This bee stands by her
convictions and never
stings anyone, preferring
diplomatic resolutions to
her conflicts. She will
outlive all her peers.

Machine Tower

Rhythm Tweezers 2

Miso Soup Showing My Roots
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Miso Soup.png
Item holder.png
My grandpa used to cook soup with
lots of potatoes and onions. He used
the veggies with the hairs growing.
I ate that soup just about every day...
You'd think I wouldn't be so bald

Glee Club 2

Sheet Music Together Is Better
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Sheet Music.png
Item holder.png
I came here to practice singing,
but it's pretty crowded. There's
someone playing the guitar, a girl
dancing, a boy skateboarding,
and me singing. Everyone's solo.
I bet it'd be fun to get together!

Figure Fighter 2

Empty Box Waste not...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Empty Box.png
Item holder.png
I finally got my Muscle Doll!
When I took it out of the box
and started playing, Mom
took the empty box and said
we might "have a use for it
sometime." Suspicious.

Fruit Basket 2

Non-fruit Ball Does It Quack?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Non-fruit Ball.png
Item holder.png
I found this table-tennis ball
the other day. I've heard of
table tennis, of course, but,
being a street, I can't play.
I'm not even sure what a
"table" is. Some kind of duck?

Machine Remix

Utility Truck Work Truck
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Utility Truck.png
Item holder.png
This truck is strong enough
to stop a car from falling off
a cliff, much to the relief of
incompetent chickens

Citrus Tower

The Clappy Trio 2

White Suit Upgrading Our Image
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item White Suit.png
Item holder.png
We used all of the money from
our last 18 gigs to buy these
fancy suits to improve our
image. We could only afford
one for each of us, so don't
spill anything on them!

Shoot-'em-up 2

Model Spaceship Have an Adult Help You
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Model Spaceship.png
Item holder.png
It's a Space Battleship STG-7
Plastic Model Kit in 1/48 scale!
The cockpit is amazingly

Note: Pilot not included.

Micro-Row 2

Pipette Pipette Philosophy
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Pipette.png
Item holder.png
"It's remarkable, when you
think about it... A drop of
water is such a small thing to
us, yet it's an entire world to
these microbes... I-I think I
need to lie down for a bit."

Second Contact

Mars Foreign Food
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Mars.png
Item holder.png
Everyone was surprised at
how quickly we started a
culinary exchange with Mars,
but they shouldn't have been.
Look at it! It's basically a
space meatball!

Citrus Remix

Orange Citrus Land's Specialty!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Orange.png
Item holder.png
One of Citrus Land's finest
oranges, these fruits are so
packed with vitamin C that
people get healthier when
one of these is just brought
into the room.

Donut Tower

Rat Race

Stoplight Yellow Means Cheese
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Stoplight.png
Item holder.png
This antique traffic signal has been
used to train young rats for many
generations. They train hard every
night, since they know their survival
(and cheese consumption) depends
on it.

Fan Club

Fan A Fan Is Born
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fan.png
Item holder.png
My friend took me to a concert.
I wasn't really into her music
before we went, but seeing her
working hard onstage really
impressed me. It made me think
I need to work harder, too!

Working Dough

Little Dough Not before Dinner
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Little Dough.png
Item holder.png
When I came to see the
spaceship with my daddy,
they gave me dumplings to
take home--a big one and
a small one. I gave the big
one to my daddy.

Animal Acrobat

Spotlight Lighting Tech's Lament
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Spotlight.png
Item holder.png
I have to say I like my job
running the spotlight at the
circus. It's quite a show and
I'm glad to contribute, but...
someday I want to be on the
other end of the spotlight!

Donut Remix

Frosted Donut Empty Calories
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Frosted Donut.png
Item holder.png
Why do donuts have holes,
anyway? That's just wasted
space that could be filled
with more precious donut!

Barbershop Tower

Sneaky Spirits 2

Bow Tale of Mythic Proportions
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Bow.png
Item holder.png
This bow has been in our family
for generations. It's made of
wood from a sacred tree and a
dragon's whisker. And the dragon
was left-handed! The tree was
shaped like a two-headed horse!

Rhythm Rally 2

Strawberry Paddle Sales Pitch #2
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Strawberry Paddle.png
Item holder.png
Welcome to Rhythm Table
Tennis! Our special today is
the strawberry paddle! Isn't it
adorable? And I guarantee that
you will never find a table-
tennis paddle that smells better!

Flipper-Flop 2

Blubber Latte Sweetness
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Blubber Latte.png
Item holder.png
After our drills, the captain
brews a cup of coffee in his
special mug. He never puts
sugar in it, saying that our
picture on the mug is all the
sweetness he needs. *sniff*

LumBEARjack 2

Tank Top Staying Warm
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Tank Top.png
Item holder.png
The cats wear these all year
long, which is probably why
they use so much firewood in
the winter. The bear hasn't
decided if he should tell them
about coats.

Barbershop Remix

Tools of Style Legendary Weapons
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Tools of Style.png
Item holder.png
Replicas of the master stylist's
tools. The originals are hidden
in a secret vault under heavy
guard. You know, in case
of a crisis of style.

Songbird Tower

Tap Trial

Tap Shoes Red? Crimson? Scarlet?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Tap Shoes.png
Item holder.png
I have heard that there is a shade of
red tap shoes that will allow the
wearer access to the secret tap-
dance parties of the animal kingdom!
Are these shoes that magical color?
The only way to know is put them on!

Frog Hop

Microphone Tadpole Innocence
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Microphone.png
Item holder.png
"When we grow up, we'll put on the
colorful tights and practice singing,
dancing, and playing instruments."
"What? For real? Why?" "Because
that's how our family makes its
money." "Seriously?"


Sports Page Like Father...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Sports Page.png
Item holder.png
When the wrestler's father
was asked if he saved news
articles about his son, he
simply nodded and made an
affirmative-sounding grunt.

Tangotronic 3000

Dance Trophy So Close...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Dance Trophy.png
Item holder.png
My new partner helped me
win second place in the
tango contest, and for that
he'll always be second place
in my heart.

Songbird Remix

Songbird's Egg Golden Treasure
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Songbird's Egg.png
Item holder.png
Waiting for an egg to hatch
is a bit like eating a box of
chocolates. It could be
anything in there! A bird?
A turtle? A DINOSAUR?!
It could be anything!

Star Land

Ninja Bodyguard

Scroll Rolled-Up Secrets
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Scroll.png
Item holder.png
My lord carries this scroll with him
at all times. I have never asked him
what it contains, but the rumor is
that its secrets made him the wealthy
and powerful man he is today. But it
might just be a love letter or something.

Freeze Frame

Racing Magazine Are You Eating Well?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Racing Magazine.png
Item holder.png
I heard your photo's getting
published in a magazine, so I
ordered a copy. I'm going to cut
it out and make a scrapbook.
Be kind to others and work hard.
Love, Mom

Launch Party

Launchpad Limitless Possibilities
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Launchpad.png
Item holder.png
Man, a launchpad without
rockets doesn't seem very
exciting, does it? It's like a
blackboard that no one has
written on. All potential,
no drama.

Pajama Party

Puffy Pillow A Multipurpose Tool
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Puffy Pillow.png
Item holder.png
A slumber-party staple.
Pillows are friend, cuddle
partner, and ammunition.
Also, at the end of the party,
you can even sleep on one
(if it seems clean enough).

Comet Land

Marching Orders

Marching Helmet Watch It!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Marching Helmet.png
Item holder.png
The colors on this helmet make it
super obvious if you're not marching
in sync with your squadmates.
So you better toe the line, rookie!

Munchy Monk

Baby Carrier Aren't They All Alike?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Baby Carrier.png
Item holder.png
There was a time I thought
that, but this one is perfect
for today's modern monk on
the go. It's adjustable, easy
to put on, and doesn't put
pressure on my belly.


Fulcrum Right in the Middle
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fulcrum.png
Item holder.png
This may look like a plain
triangle, but it's actually a
pivot. My dad says that no
amount of effort comes to
anything without a pivot.
Maybe I should be a pivot...

Blue Bear

Coupon Wait a Minute...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Coupon.png
Item holder.png
I probably didn't need to buy
16 dozen donuts, but I had
this coupon, and it was only
good if you bought that many.
I wonder if that's why they
made the coupon...?

Planet Land

Space Dance

Fake Mustache Secrets of Space Dance
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fake Mustache.png
Item holder.png
Per space tradition, the One Who
Stands on the Left is a great master
selected every 50 years. The OWSotL
must grow a mustache. If he or she does not grow a mustache, a fake
mustache is secretly procured.


Famous Painting Paranormal Phenomena
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Famous Painting.png
Item holder.png
It's creepy the way the painting's
eyes seem to follow you wherever
you go, but it's even creepier when
you mess up your rhythm and the
painting laughs at you. Also, it's a
bit embarrassing.

Cheer Readers

Study Materials Study Hard!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Study Materials.png
Item holder.png
Since the Cheer Readers
started, the library has become
quite the popular hangout.
Apparently when people need
a quiet place to read, they're
going to the playground.


Tasty Fish Fish Are for Clappers
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Tasty Fish.png
Item holder.png
You clap well, you get a fish.
You clap poorly, you don't.
If you're slow when we hand
out the fish, you don't get
any. We don't just pet every
kitty that comes through here.

The Fourth Gate

Clap Trap

Green Onion Two for $1.98!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Green Onion.png
Item holder.png
"I will practice my swordplay
with this, my trusty blade!
What's that, Ma? No, I haven't
seen the green onions!"

Clap Trap (High Score)

Tree Branch Disagreeing with Elephants
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Tree Branch.png
Item holder.png
I understand that African
elephants find branches
tastier than leaves.
Personally, I like

Left-Hand Tower

The Snappy Trio

Snappy Outfit We're Gonna Be on TV!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Snappy Outfit.png
Item holder.png
Yip, yip, yippee! The Trio is
going to be on a TV Western!
We've got snappy new suits
to wear and everything, but
I think we should try to fit
our wigs under the hats...

Fan Club 2

Bear T-shirt Fan Wisdom
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Bear T-shirt.png
Item holder.png
TRUE fans wear the T-shirt
to the concert.

Figure Fighter 3

Mint-in-Box Figure Just Buy Two
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Mint-in-Box Figure.png
Item holder.png
My brother just collects the
Muscle Dolls--he doesn't
play with them. He's got a
limited-edition red one
still in the box. What's the
point of a full box?

Jungle Gymnast

Cute Ribbon Brotherly Love
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Cute Ribbon.png
Item holder.png
My brother gave me this red
ribbon when I joined the
circus. I wear it for every show
and rehearsal. It's nice to
have him looking out for
me (or at least for my head).

Left-Hand Remix

Happy Sun Worthy Sacrifice
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Happy Sun.png
Item holder.png
Long ago, it rained every day
and the sun never showed its
face. Then the people offered
up some candy as a sacrifice
to the sun. Giant balls of
plasma LOVE candy.

Right-Hand Tower

Tap Trial 2

Dance Dress She Thinks of Everything
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Dance Dress.png
Item holder.png
My mom gave me this cute
dress for my birthday. I love
the cut, I love the color, but
the thing I like best? It's so
easy to tap in!

Jumpin' Jazz

Saxophone Tadpole Guilt
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Saxophone.png
Item holder.png
"Hey, do you happen to know,
just, hypothetically, if a sax
is ruined by being dropped
in a pond? No reason."

Hole in One 2

Sun Visor Tips from the Pros
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Sun Visor.png
Item holder.png
The secret to great golf?
Great sun protection. You
can't hit a green you can't
see, after all!

Super Samurai Slice 2

Splash Debris Cool, Blue Mystery
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Splash Debris.png
Item holder.png
After much research, the
village scientists figured out
the black debris is from
monsters. They're mystified
by these blue pieces that are
so cool to the touch, though.

Right-Hand Remix

Laughing Planet The Joke's on Us
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Laughing Planet.png
Item holder.png
Astronomers have gazed up
at this planet for generations
wondering, "What's so funny?"
They worry that the planet
is laughing at US.

Tibby's Mom

Cosmic Dance

Cosmic Hat Secrets of Cosmic Dance
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Cosmic Hat.png
Item holder.png
Why "Cosmic" Dance instead
of Space Dance? It's the hat.
Everything is like 1000%
more cosmic if it wears a
hat. That's, like, a fact.

Cosmic Rhythm Rally

Rainbow Paddle Sales Pitch #3
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Rainbow Paddle.png
Item holder.png
Welcome to Rhythm Table
Tennis! Our special today is
the rainbow paddle. Truly,
this is the greatest and best
paddle ever made. Just LOOK
at all those colors!

Working Dough 2

Big Dough So CUTE!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Big Dough.png
Item holder.png
I came to see the spaceship
with my son, and they gave him
some dumplings to take home--
a big one and a small one. He
gave me the big one, because
he's the cutest thing ever.

Karate Man Senior

LED Light Bulbs Karate Memory #3
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item LED Light Bulbs.png
Item holder.png
My father's most amazing
trait is probably his vision.
He can tell the color of a
training light bulb in an
instant and counter it.
Will I ever be so quick?

Final Remix

Stuffed Animal First Friend
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Stuffed Animal.png
Item holder.png
Tibby's mom made this doll
for him when he was born.
He doesn't play with it
anymore, but she holds on
to it as a reminder of her
little boy.

Shop No. 1

Bouncy Road

Apparatus Childhood's End
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Apparatus.png
Item holder.png
I bought this for my son because
I heard it was the big, popular toy
this year. It turns out that it's even
MORE popular with adults. They
build these huge structures and
hold tournaments and stuff!

Night Walk

Magic Flowers An Aroma of Mystery
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Magic Flowers.png
Item holder.png
Supposedly these flowers grow
in the footsteps of a mysterious,
white creature who prowls the
night! Who is he? What does he
want? Where did he learn his
impeccable sense of rhythm?

Quiz Show

Podium A Bit Moist
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Podium.png
Item holder.png
The buzzer on this podium
works surprisingly well,
considering it's soaked in
the tears of former

Shop No. 2

The Dazzles

Ice-Cube Tray So Familiar...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Ice-Cube Tray.png
Item holder.png
You just pour water into it and
leave it in the freezer to make ice
cubes. Did you know that round
ice melts slower than cubes?
You'll have to look up why. I feel
like I've seen this before... Where?

Big Rock Finish

CD Album Introducing the Band!
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item CD Album.png
Item holder.png
Thanks for coming out! What a
night! Let me introduce the other
members of Tiny Ghosts!
On drums, Spooky! On bass,
Boo-boo! And I'm Ecto! You've
been great! Good night!

Karate Man Kicks!

Bomb Karate Memory #4
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Bomb.png
Item holder.png
My father got these bombs
to help me face my fears.
I thought he was joking at
first, but then one exploded!
Where did he even get

Shop No. 3

Built to Scale

Defective Widget A Rare Square
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Defective Widget.png
Item holder.png
I work in product testing. My
company doesn't make a lot
of defective products, but when
we do, I'm NOT supposed to
sell the bad parts to collectors
for a lot of money. Oops.

Double Date

Football A Lovely Day
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Football.png
Item holder.png
The coach thought his team
lacked discipline. The truth
was that the "accidental" lost
balls were due to jealousy of
the young couple and their
better use of a beautiful day.

Catch of the Day

Fishing Tackle Catch and Release
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Fishing Tackle.png
Item holder.png
I've heard that this lure is the
absolute best for catching the
elusive Threefish, but...
I just can't bear to take it out
of the package! It's mint in
box! How could I destroy that?

Shop No. 4

Fork Lifter

Spoon A Spoon's Reflection
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Spoon.png
Item holder.png
As Fork struggled with the
beans, Spoon sat, unused,
in a drawer, reflecting on how
much better suited it was to
the job at hand. If it had tear
ducts, it would have cried.

Love Rap

MC Adore's Car MC Adore's Ride
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item MC Adore's Car.png
Item holder.png
Funny story about my car:
everyone who sees it for the
first time thinks it's a vicious
animal of some kind, like a
shark or a crocodile. I want
to say, "Guys, it's PINK."

Bossa Nova

Dream Home Settling Down
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Dream Home.png
Item holder.png
I'm glad we moved here from
the cave. It's warmer, and
there's a volleyball court in
the yard. The neighborhood
has a few loud mastodons,
but no place is perfect.

Shop No. 5

Screwbot Factory

Loose Screw Emergency Backup?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Loose Screw.png
Item holder.png
On my night rounds, I found
a loose screw on the ground.
It's not the kind the robots use,
and none of the machines
seem to be missing a screw.
I'm getting paranoid about it...

Board Meeting

VIP Sunglasses Future Executive
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item VIP Sunglasses.png
Item holder.png
When my dad wasn't in his
office, I asked his assistant to
let me try his sunglasses on.
It was too dark and I couldn't
see, so I called her back and
asked her to turn up the lights.

Samurai Slice

Pinwheel Public-Service Announcement
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Pinwheel.png
Item holder.png
What makes a ghost steal a
pinwheel? Malice? Greed?
Loneliness? Did the ghost
just want to play? Well,
stealing is ALWAYS wrong,

Shop No. 6

Packing Pests

Bonus Dear Mom...
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Bonus.png
Item holder.png
I had an audition this week,
Mom. They didn't say anything
afterward, but I had a good
feeling. Anyway, I'm still doing
pretty well at the candy factory.
Here's this week's bonus.

Monkey Watch

Monkey Watch Wait, What Time Is It?
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Monkey Watch.png
Item holder.png
My parents bought me a monkey
watch when I started high school.
The monkeys are so cute that I
forget about time and just stare
at them. Kind of useless as a
watch, isn't it?

Karate Man Combos!

Barrel Karate Memory #5
Sprite 3DS Rhythm Item Barrel.png
Item holder.png
My father keeps a bunch of
these little barrels around,
but I've never understood
why. When I've asked, he
says I can know when I am
stronger than he is.

Development History

Main article: Rhythm Item/Development

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