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Earth World
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Earth World (地上の国?, Chijō no Kuni) is where the first half of the story of Rhythm Heaven Megamix takes place. It consists of various lands, inhabitated by various people.


The green tower from a distance

At the beginning of the game, Tibby accidentally falls off Heaven World. A mysterious individual (the player) finds him, and agrees to help him return to Heaven World. The two see a Green Tower in the distance, and decide to go to it. They pass through various lands, helping various people with their troubles by clearing Rhythm Games along the way in order to progress:

After clearing all of the lands along the way, the duo finally reach Lush Woods, where the Green Tower, properly known as the Lush Tower, can be found. Here they meet Trey, who has been guarding the tower for a long time, and agrees to help Tibby reach Heaven World by having him and the player climb the tower, clearing Rhythm Games along the way to restore the flow to the tower, and thus activate it's power.

Using the power of the Lush Tower, Tibby rides a beam of green light up into the sky, but this is not enough to reach Heaven World. Trey informs him that they need a rainbow of power for that, after which other towers appear, each based on the theme of each land, guarded by the same people encountered in them.

After clearing them, Tibby has enough power to return to Heaven World. The story appears to be finished, however, Tibby sends a letter to the player saying there's trouble in Heaven World, asking for their help. Clearing Earth World is commemorated with a Badge.


The game begins with a narrator, implied to be the Barista, greeting the player. They direct them to the Introduction for the player to learn how to play the game. Following that is an opening cutscene.

Narration (1st)

Hello! I'm very pleased to
make your acquaintance!
Let's just get this
out of the way...
thank you so much for
purchasing this game.
As you play through the story
of Rhythm Heaven Megamix...
we would like to show you
the importance of one thing.
That thing is "Flow."

I'm going to step out for a
moment to make some coffee...
but please go ahead and
start with the Intro.
I will talk to you later.

Narration (2nd)

How did you do?

Did you hit every beat
No, I didn't think so.

Don't worry. You've got
plenty of time to master it.
Ah, the story's about to start.

And, just so you know...

I don't think it's one of
those big, "serious" stories.
So just relax and take it easy.
You won't be quizzed on this.
Well, coffee is getting cold...
Shall we begin?



Wait...what is this place?

And who are you?!

My name is
I guess I must have
fallen down here...


What's that? Where
did I fall from?
Heaven World. H-E-V-V-E-N.
Heaven World!
...What's wrong? You never
heard of Heaven World?
Oh, I get it.

You don't even believe
there IS a Heaven World.
Well, I feel sad for you.

It's such a wonderful
We've got so much
yummy food!
...And just a tiny
bit of yucky food.
And I live in the
BIGGEST house!
I've got so many
friends there, too...
I wanna go home.



You'll help me get
home, won't you?
Whew! It's gonna
be OK after all!
What's that thing my mom
always says...?
"If you ever fall down,
look for something tall...
and get climbing!"

So what's around here?
Let's see... There!
Do you see that green
over there?
That looks like the highest
place around here.
All right! Let's
get climbing!
I know we can get there,
and from there...
To Heaven World!

I don't think I've ever
walked that far before...
but I won't be bored
because you'll be with me!
Come on! What are we
waiting for?
Let's we go, amigo!

What? What's wrong?

You never heard anyone
say "Let's we go, amigo"?
E-everyone says it in
Heaven World. All the time.
Never mind! Let's get
going to the tower!

Narration (3rd)

And so...

the mysterious individual agreed to
help Tibby return to Heaven World.
They set off toward
the Green Tower...
where exciting adventure
awaited them.

They seem to have
arrived somewhere...
Let's take a look,
shall we?

The story continues in Honeybee Land.


  • Not much is known about who lives in Earth World beyond the characters met in each land. Although none of the Characters present in the Rhythm Games are met during the story, several of them can be seen in various cutscenes, such as The Huebirds of Happiness flying out of the woods after Tibby falls down in the opening. It is also implied that the Café and Challenge Land, and by proxy every Rhythm Game that takes place on earth, are in Earth World.

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 地上の国 Earth Kingdom
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Earth World
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Earth World
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Monde terrestre Terrestrial world
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Terrestria Terrestria
Flag of Germany.svg German Erdenwelt Earthworld
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Mondo terrestre Earth world
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 지상 세계 Earth World
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The First Gate
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Citrus Land
Game 3DS agbClap S.pngGame 3DS ntrShooting S.pngGame 3DS rvlFlea S.pngGame 3DS ctrInterprerter S.png
Donut Land
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Machine Tower
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Comet Land
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Planet Land
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Shop Shop No. 1
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Shop No. 6
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