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"Feed turnips to the goat."
— In-Game Instructions

"If you manage to collect turnips by playing rhythm games or using coins, you can play The Feed the Goat game. You can feed the goat turnips to level it up. As you level up the goat, you can unlock 8-bit versions of characters from the Rhythm Heaven series of games. These mascots can them appear as icons on the loading screen. Fun!"
Rhythm Heaven Megamix Tips & Tricks - Play Nintendo

Goat pachinko.png

The Stable[1] (ヤギ小屋[2]?, Yagi Koya), also known as the Goat Stable[3] in Rhythm Paradise Megamix and informally as The Feed the Goat game on Rhythm Heaven Megamix Tips & Tricks - Play Nintendo, is an extra feature in Rhythm Heaven Megamix where the player can Feed Goat (エサをあげる?, Esa o ageru). The game plays like a pachinko machine as the player feeds The Goat turnips. It is unlocked after clearing The Second Gate. After clearing Lush Tower, the player is informed they can use Coins to feed The Goat as well[4].


The game plays out like a retro-styled arcade game complete with chiptune music. The player has to throw the turnips at the goat while trying to avoid obstacles that prevent the turnips from reaching her. Feeding the goat fills a meter on the right, which upon being filled causes a "LEVEL UP". Each level has its own layout. Some layouts have invisible obstacles which turn visible after a turnip touches them.

There are three types of turnips:

  • Normal: green turnips, the most common type.
  • Silver: fill the meter 2x the usual amount.
  • Golden: also fill the meter 2x, and cause the word "CHANCE" to appear. If the chance goes through, the game enters Turnip Fever! (!GOLDEN CHANCE!?, !Golden Chance!), which grants infinite golden turnips for an extended amount of time, depending on if the "CHANCE" was bronze, silver or gold. During this time, the goat turns golden herself, and returns to her normal form after the time limit ends.

The player can pick the turnips which grow in the Café infront of the stable after playing Rhythm Games, by winning them from Figure Fighter VS or in Challenge Land. Gold and silver turnips can only be obtained through the latter two. The player can also use their Coins, which randomly select one of the three types in exchange for a coin.

As the goat levels up, she lays a golden egg with a Mascot inside, which can then appear as the loading icon. Certain levels also unlock Badges.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ヤギ小屋[2]
Goat Hut
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Stable[1]
Feed Goat
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Goat Stable[3]
Feed Goat
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Chèvre[5]
Nourrir la chèvre
Feed the goat
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Establo de la cabra[6]
Alimentar a la cabra
Goat stable
Feed the goat
Flag of Germany.svg German Ziegenstall[7]
Ziege füttern
Goat shed
Feed the goat
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Stalla della capra[8]
Nutri la capra
Goat stable
Feed the goat
Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 염소 우리[9]
먹이를 주기
Goat Pen


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