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"The Martian lives on the planet Mars and loves Pork Rice Bowls! We hear they plan to open a pork-rice-bowl restaurant in the next month,"
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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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  • Voice: Unknown, Unknown* (Translator Tom)
    Unknown (Farmer Bob)
    Unknown (lady in Citrus Remix)
  • The Martian (火星人?, Kasei Hito) is an alien from Mars that appears in Rhythm Heaven Megamix. It is seen alongside Translator Tom (通訳者[1]?, Tsūyakusha) who bears a message for Ground Control (センター?, Center) situated in Houston[2] in First Contact, and alongside Farmer Bob, translating his message to Mars Control (火星?, Kasei) situated in Glourbston[3] in Second Contact.


    Some time before First Contact, Earthling astronauts visited Mars, and they left behind pork rice bowls, which the Martians fell in love with. At least a month later, they opened a pork-rice-bowl restaurant in Glourbston[4][5]. In Researchers, the first manned mission to Mars is carried out. As the rocket nears its destination, the researchers at Ground Control decide that since they're about to see a Martian for the first time, it'd be fun to guess what it'll look like. Chuck draws a very robotic design, while Furukawa draws a more alien-esque creature. Zach draws a jellyfish-like design, which no one thinks is likely to be what the alien will actually look like. Finally, the great day arrives, and the researchers are greeted by Translator Tom standing next to a jellyfish-like Martian. Afterwards, Thomas and Kevin are seen at a Pork Rice Bowl shop, saying their designs were better.

    The Martian's first proper appearance is in First Contact itself, where it wishes to relay a message to the people of Earth. It asks Translator Tom to translate, which he does by repeating the rhythm of the Martian's speech, and the Martian's telemopathic lingualyzer handles the rest[6]. If Translator Tom follows the rhythm correctly, he properly translates the message, in which the Martian greets the people of Earth, jokingly asking if they want to meet its leader, and expressing that Earthlings left pork rice bowls the last time they visited Mars. Overall, the Martian's tone is very friendly, with some jokes included. If Translator Tom messes up the rhythm, he mistranslates the message, making the Martian sound like a jerk who is constantly hungry and cares not for the humans. After a successful translation, Ground Control remarks that the Martians like pork rice bowls like they do[7]. In the Try Again epilogue, the Martian is angry at Translator Tom for mistranslating its message. In the OK epilogue, Translator Tom is seen having fun with the Martian with Space Umpire visible behind them, while in the Superb epilogue, Translator Tom brings the Martian back home to Earth.

    After this message, Earth quickly began a culinary exchange with Mars, to the surprise of many[8]. The Martian appears again in Second Contact. This time, it has travelled to Earth, and encountered an Earthling, namely Farmer Bob, and attempts to translate what he says. If the Martian translates correctly, it relays the farmer's message of being an Earthling who is single, but claiming to be better looking than most, essentially attepting to flirt with the ladies among the Martians. He wishes to talk with the Martians about planets over tea, and work up his courage to tell a woman that he has loved pork rice bowls for a very long time. He ends his message with a joke about getting a tentacle graft. If the Martian messes up the rhythm, it mistranslates the message, spouting nonsense, some of which is unintelligible. After a successful translation, Mars Control seem to be left uncomfortable from Farmer Bob's advances[9]. In the Try Again epilogue, the Martian is confused, asking Farmer Bob to re-explain to it what a verb is. In the OK epilogue, it shares a bowl of pork rice bowls with Farmer Bob, and in the Superb epilogue, it brings the Earthling back home to Mars.

    In Citrus Remix, what appears to be the Martian with an orange-shaped head seems to be getting interviewed by a lady, who translates what it says on TV. The translations comprise of various dishes. In Left-Hand Remix, the Martian is seen translating Farmer Bob's message again, where he states that he is looking for a martian bride.

    The Martian appears in Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic, first in 01 同窓会 (Reunion), where it interrupts the reunion at the Café. The Barista asks who they are, after which the Martian leaves in his ship. In 02 火星人再襲来 (Martian Reinvasion), the Martian returns to the Café a few days after the reunion, with the Barista trying to welcome them to Rhythm Heaven, as the extraterrestrial moves in too close for comfort. In 33レスラーとファン (Wrestler and Fans), where it has its picture taken with Wrestler. In 38記念日 (Anniversary), the Martian calls Tibby to tell him about Rhythm Tengoku: The Best+ having sold 650,000 units, but as it speaks in its own language, which Tibby doesn't understand, he hangs up, thinking it was a prank call. In Language, the Martian tells Tibby that it has now mastered the Earthling language. Tibby asks the alien about the pork rice bowl he was promised the previous day, to which the Martian reacts with alien speak.

    Ground Control makes an appearance in the opening cutsene to Intro Games in WarioWare: Get It Together!, where they are startled after a giant Wario nose passes by one of their sattelites. A glitchier version of this cutscene is used for Anything Goes, which includes the Traveller from an unrelated cutscene among the crew. In the movie Roll Credits, the researchers are given names: Doc, Kevin, Richard, Adam, Zach, Thomas, Furukawa, and Chuck[10].




    • The jellyfish-like appearance of the Martian is a popular depiction of aliens in Japanese media[citation needed]. This design can be found in many works, including Game & Wario, and in the epilogue to Spaceball.
    • The pork rice bowls spoken of throughout the games is a popular Japanese dish called Katsudon.
    • Space Umpire appears among the members of Mars Control.
    • In the middle of Second Contact, Farmer Bob mentions the name of a woman, which is randomly selected from a list of 10 names, which varies across languages. These names are:
      • Katherine, Dorothy, Jennifer, Julianne, Katrina, Lillian, Marianne, Marilyn, Mary Sue, and Natalie in the English version.
      • Maryline, Dorothée, Jennifer, Samira, Katrina, Isabelle, Conchita, Danièla, Marie-Jeanne, and Nathalie in the French version.
      • Katja, Luisa, Nadja, Carolin, Sophie, Katjuscha, Marianne, Natascha, Ann Sophie, and Franziska in the German version, with the use of "meiner" (my?) in front of some names implying he feels affection for them[11].
      • Clorinda, Dorotea, Jennifer, Giuliana, Monica, Liliana, Barbara, Marilyn, Giovanna, and Natalie in the Italian version.
      • Isabel, Beatriz, Bárbara, Juliana, Cristina, Daniela, Martina, Elena, Gabriela, and Natalia in the Spanish version.
      • In the Japanese and Korean versions, the same names are used as in the English version, with the exception of Jennifer, Katrina, and Mary Sue being Jamie, Katie, and Mary. They were renamed in the English version to keep the amount of syllables during the pattern consistent.
        • Similarly, the inclusion of "meiner" (my?) in the German version (stated above) is also to keep the amount of syllables consistent for those specific names.
    • In Citrus Remix, a family of seven humans and a dog are seen in place of Ground Control and Mars Control.
    • One of the incorrect messages in Second Contact in Left-Hand Remix is "Let's we go, amigo!", a phrase used frequently by Tibby.
    • The information given in the Rhythm Item descriptions is mostly consistent accross languages, however some details are changed. For example, in the Japanese and Korean versions, it is stated that a Fire Bowl (火つ丼?, Hitsudon) restaurant would be opening on Earth, which sells a modified version of katsudon, improved to suit Martian tastes[12][13]. In the Spanish version, it is stated that several restaurants have opened on Mars rather than just one[14]. In the French version, it is stated that Earthlings were amazed at the Martians' cooking skills[15], while in the Italian version, they were dissapointed upon trying Martian food[16]. While most versions make the comparison that the planet Mars looks like a space meatball, the Spanish version claims that this makes astronauts hungry when they land on it[17]. In the Japanese and Korean versions, this item's description instead shares an interview with a pilot, who was shocked at how close Mars turned out to be, after losing conciousness from the sudden impact upon landing on the planet. Claude, the director of Mars Control, considers the pilot to be a lucky guy[18][19].
    • Martian makes a cameo in a Daigasso! Band Brothers P comic, alongside Tibby and Red, attending Ashley's live performance[20].

    In Other Languages

    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 火星人 Martian Person
    Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Martian
    Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Martian
    Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Martien Martian
    Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Marciano
    Flag of Germany.svg German Marsianer Martian
    Flag of Italy.svg Italian Marziano
    Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 화성인 Martian
    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese センター
    Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Ground Control
    Translator Tom
    A reference to the lyrics "Ground Control to Major Tom" in the David Bowie song "Space Oddity"
    Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Ground Control
    Translator Tom
    Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Houston
    Interprète Youri
    Houston (Likely a reference to the popular line "Houston, we have a problem"
    Interpreter Yuri (Likely a reference to Yuri Gagarin)
    Flag of Spain.svg Spanish La estación espacial The Space Station
    Flag of Germany.svg German Erde
    Flag of Italy.svg Italian Stazione spaziale Space Station
    Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 센터 Center
    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese 火星
    Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Mars Control
    Farmer Bob
    Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Mars Control
    Farmer Bob
    Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Glourbston
    Fermier Gustave
    Glourb + Houston
    Farmer Gustave
    Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Marte
    Flag of Germany.svg German Mars
    Flag of Italy.svg Italian Marte
    Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 화성


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