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ConsoleWii Icon.png
Game Wii E-4 JP.gif
Game Wii B-3.png 4 (Flag of Japan.svg)
Medeals Needed
ConsoleWii Icon.png 32 (Flag of Japan.svg)
High Score
ConsoleWii Icon.png 0

Manzai[1] (まんざい?, Manzai) is the 4th Endless Game in Minna no Rhythm Tengoku, unlocked with 32 Medals.


Screenshot Wii Manzai.png

The game revolves around two comedian birds who form the group Ottorizu (おっとりーず?, Ottorizu).

The player controls the tsukkomi crow Kasuke (カースケ?, Kasuke), who responds to the boke vulture Kosuke (コースケ?, Kosuke) who says puns. Sometimes Kosuke ends up thrashing its head back before finishing the pun, in which case the Kasuke slaps him.

Every so often, the duo leap back and the doors in the background open up to reveal the words "SPEED UP!", and appropriately enough, the game speeds up.


  • Ⓐ: Talk
  • Ⓐ+Ⓑ: Slap Kosuke

Timing Display

  • Perfect!/Ace!?: The player correctly responds to the pun with "Hai. Hai." (はい。はい。?, Yeah. Yeah.), and the crowd cheers. When Kosuke rears his head back, Kasuke slaps him while saying "Donaiyanen!" (どないやねん!?, What the heck's with you?!), and the crowd laughs. One point is added.
  • Early!/Late!?: The player correctly responds to the pun out of sync. When Kosuke rears his head back, Kasuke slaps him, but mistimes it. The crowd looks annoyed.
  • Miss...?: The player doesn't respond to the pun or Kosuke rearing back, the crowd loses interest, and the birds fall through the floor and the game is over. If the player tries doing any actions when they're not supposed to, Kasuke says "Hai!" or attempts to slap Kosuke (missing him in the process), causing the audience to look annoyed. This does not cause a Game Over, however.


All of the puns are based off of the object that they are talking about, whether it be sound or same readings of two words, such as "ame" being "rain" and "candy". The jokes where Kosuke is slapped is a previous joke that isn't finished. Kasuke speaks in the kansai (関西) dialect. At around 47 points, some jokes are repeated in full, and after 60 points, the game is completely randomized.

Kosuke's Lines

  • 布団が吹っ飛んだ (futon ga futtonda?, The futon was blown away)
  • ミカンがみっかんない (mikan ga mikkan'nai?, There are no oranges)
  • お金はおっかねぇ~ (okane wa okka nē~?, I don't have money~)
  • 雨ってあめ~な~ (ame tte ame~ na~?, Rain is candy)
  • ラクダは楽だな~ (rakuda wa rakuda na~?, Camels are easy~)
  • 梅ってうめ~な~ (ume tte ume~ na~?, Plums are delicious~)
  • 紅茶が凍っちゃう (kōcha ga kōtchau?, My tea freezes)
  • カエルが振り返る (kaeru ga furikaeru?, The frog looks back)
  • カレーは辛れ~ (karē wa kara re~?, The curry is spicy~)
  • 思いのほか重い (omoi no hoka omoi?, It's heavier than expected)
  • 遅れず来ておくれ (okurezu kite okure?, Please come without delay)
  • トイレに行っといれ (toire ni itto ire?, Go to the toilet)
  • 相手に逢いて~な~ (aite ni aite~ na~?, Meet another person~)
  • ヒラメがひらめいた (hirame ga hirameita?, Flounder flashed)
  • メガネには目がねぇ~ (megane ni wa me ga nē~?, I can't see the glasses)
  • お餅の気持ち (o mochi no kimochi?, Mochi feeling)
  • 鶏肉が取りにくい (toriniku ga tori nikui?, It's hard to get chicken)
  • 電話に出んわ (denwa ni den wa?, I'll answer the phone)
  • サカナかな?まさかな (sakana ka na? masaka na?, Is it a fish? No way!)
  • ネコが寝ころんだ (neko ga nekoronda?, The cat fell asleep)
  • イクラはいくら? (ikura wa ikura??, How much is the salted salmon roe?)
  • 草がクサい! (kusa ga kusa i!?, The grass is bad!)
  • 廊下で語ろうか (rōka de katarou ka?, Shall we talk in the hallway?)
  • プリンがたっぷりん (purin ga tappuri n?, There's plenty of pudding)  
  • チャイナに行っちゃいな (chaina ni itchai na?, Let's go to China)
  • スイカは安いか? (suika wa yasui ka??, Are watermelons cheap?)
  • イカが怒った (ika ga ikatta?, The squid got angry)
  • タイに行きたい! (tai ni ikitai!?, I want go to Thailand!)
  • トナカイは大人かい? (tonakai wa otona kai??, Are the reindeer adults?)
  • サルが去る! (saru ga saru!?, The monkey is leaving!)
  • サイを見なさい (sai o mi nasai?, Look at the rhino)
  • 鯛が食べたいな~ (tai ga tabetai na~?, I want to eat sea bream)
  • 太陽が見たいよう (taiyō ga mi taiyō?, I want to see the sun)

Kasuke's Lines

  • はい。はい。 (Hai. Hai.?, Yeah. Yeah.)
  • どないやねん! (Donaiyanen!?, What the heck's with you?!)




  • Manzai is a Japanese comedy routine which involves two comedians. It involves a tsukkomi, or straight man (in this case Kasuke), who reacts to the boke, or funny man (Kosuke)'s jokes and gags, often with slapstick.
  • Many of the voices in the game were recorded in-house[1].
    • Interestingly, there is a Voice Version of the song in Minna no Rhythm Tengoku Zen Kyoku-shu which uses different takes for the voice clips, while also lacking the sound effects. The order of the puns is also different from the 29th one onward.
  • Inputting the code word まさにべつもの in Police Call gives the player a tip about there being a code word in this game (the word is しあいみせて: after a few speed ups, the sliding doors show the code word instead). The code word can be put into Police Call for an easter egg.
    • Inputting the code word ねたばらし, found in Wake-Up Caller, in Police Call will play a version of Manzai with voice clips, though it is different to the Voice Version mentioned above.
  • As the game was replaced with Mr. Upbeat overseas, which in turn was made to be the 1st Endless Game rather than the 4th, the rest of the games between them were moved up, and their medal requirements were adjusted. It also inherited the code words for Police Call originally associated with Manzai.
    • For the same reason, the Reading Material "おっとりーず" (Ottorizu), received as the Gift in Karate Man 2, which originally contained a more traditional manzai routine between the two birds, was replaced with one related to Mr. Upbeat himself. The code word that provided the lyrical version of Manzai, now replaced with BOUTS, plays a version of Rhythm Fighter instead.

Development History

Main article: Manzai/Development

In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Flag of Japan.svg Japanese まんざい Manzai
Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Manzai[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Manzai[2]
Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg French Manzai[3]
Flag of Spain.svg Spanish Manzai[4]
Flag of Germany.svg German Manzai[5]
Flag of Italy.svg Italian Manzai[6]
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Manzai[7]
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Manzai[8]


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