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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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  • The Hair Vegetables (ヘアーベジタボーズ?, Heā Bejitabōzu) are onions, potatoes and beets that appear in Rhythm Tweezers.

    The onions are yellow. They have big noses, big eyes with small pupils, whiskers, and big lips. They have darker yellow, vertical stripes over their bodies.

    The beets are light purple (brown in the arcade version) with swirly patterns. Yet again, they share the same facial features as the previously mentioned vegetable.

    Lastly, the potatoes are light brown with spots over them. They have the same eyes, noses, whiskers, and lips as the onions.

    Their colors change to purple, light green and grey, respectively, in Rhythm Datsumo 2.


    There is an old man who grows these vegetables. When the vegetables started growing hair, their price dropped and he was in big trouble. Plucking the hairs proved to be a difficult task, until one day, he decided to play music. He says that playing the music actually helped a ton, and made the plucking enjoyable[1][2].

    In Crop Stomp, the Stomp Farmer collects the vegetables by stomping them out of the ground. Once they are picked, they get their hairs plucked off in Rhythm Tweezers. After that, the vegetables are eaten. Potatoes and onions are used in soup[3]. Although it takes a lot of work to prepare the vegetables, they are very healthy. Their skins contain a lot of nutrients[4].

    The vegetables, along with Stomp Farmer, can be seen in the audience in Battle of the Bands. In Cheer Readers, one of the images the girls show is of an onion. In Cheer Readers 2, another image shows the vegetables as they appear in Crop Stomp. In Wake-Up Caller, an onion, turnip, or green onion with flowers on top can sometimes appear instead of a flower.

    In Machine Remix, the onions gain the appearence of light bulbs.




    In Other Languages

    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese ヘアーベジタボーズ
    Hair Vegetables
    Hair Vegetable
    Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Harry Onion[7] Pun on "hairy onion" and the name "Harry"
    Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg FrenchNOA Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg FrenchNOE Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of Mexico.svg SpanishNOA Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of Spain.svg SpanishNOE Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of Germany.svg German Harry Onion[7]
    Flag of Italy.svg Italian Harry Onion[7]


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