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Artwork from Rhythm Heaven Megamix
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  • Voice: Unknown
  • Plalin (プラリン?, Purarin) and Alalin (アラリン?, Ararin)[1] are two fruit catching fellas in Catchy Tune in Rhythm Heaven Megamix.


    Plalin and Alalin like to stay at the bottom of a staircase near a market on a hill, because fruit sometimes bounces down from it[2]. This fruit comes from someone's paper bag, which is very flimsy, and rips easily[3]. The two kids are also seen on a tropical island, again at the bottom of a staircase near a fruit market[4], catching fruit bouncing down from an even flimsier paper bag[5]. The kids are shown drinking orange juice made from the fruit they collected in the Superb epilogues for the games they appear in. They also participate in Honeybee Remix, with a honeybee-themed aesthetic.

    They also appear in Rhythm Tengoku The Best Plus Comic in 35おいしいミックスジュース! (Delicious Mixed Juice!), where Courtney bounces an apple and melon, and Plalin and Alalin catch them. They then, along with Courtney's snail friend, enjoy some fruit juice.




    • Their names come from the + and A symbols on their shirts, which indicate which button is used to catch with them.

    In Other Languages

    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese プラリン[1]


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