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This guide is to help anyone who wants to move from Fandom and recover their account on the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki. Migrating your account from Fandom to the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki will not delete your Fandom account, it will only copy over your edit history, watchlist, and other profile information to Rhythm Heaven Wiki.

Reclaiming Your Account

Rhythm Heaven Wiki has a copy of your account, but your password was not carried over for security reasons. Because of this, you cannot log into your account on this wiki unless you go through these steps to verify your account. You will need to be logged in to your Fandom account to start this process.

Step 1

In order to transfer your account over to this wiki, you will need to create a BotPassword on your Fandom account. To do this, go to Special:BotPasswords. On this page, you should have the option to create an account and give it certain rights. For this process, create an account named login and give it the following rights:

  • Basic rights (this should be on by default)
  • View your watchlist (this carries over your watchlist)
  • Access private information (this allows it to verify your email)

After you do this, it will generate an account name and a password string. The account name will be your username followed by @login (USERNAME@login).

The page with your credentials will not be saved, so you may want to save these in a private place to access them later. Once you have successfully created a BotPassword, you will not need to interact with your Fandom account any further.

Step 2

From here, return to the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki and navigate to Special:UserLogin and use the username and password given to you when you created your bot password. When you have logged in, you will be prompted to change your password. If you don't change your password at this time, it will stay as the long string that was generated for your BotPassword. Also, note that your password on Fandom will not change after you change your password on the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki.

In case step 2 did not work, try removing the @login mentioned earlier from the username, and using the password login@PASSWORD (replacing PASSWORD with whatever was generated by Fandom).

After this, you will have full access to your account on the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki. If you wish to close your account on Fandom, you can do so here. You can also delete your BotPassword on Fandom by going here, clicking on login which you created earlier, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking "delete."


Accounts with no edits

If you have an account on Fandom but have never made any edits, you will have to create a new account under your desired username on the independent Rhythm Heaven Wiki.

Password recovery

If you don't remember your password for your Fandom account, you will need to reset it before you can create a BotPassword. To reset your password, go here and enter your Fandom username. This will send an email with a link to reset your password to the email address that is linked to your Fandom account. (If you don't see an email, try checking your spam folder or see if community@fandom.com is blocked.) In that link, enter your email address, Fandom username, and your new password. Then, return to Step 1 and continue the process.