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Welcome to Rhythm Heaven Wiki!

Rhythm Heaven Wiki has 621 articles since June 2009!

This wiki is about the popular Rhythm Heaven series created by Tsunku♂ that anybody can edit. Our goal is to provide accurate information as much as possible!
Disclaimer: this wiki is no way affiliated with Nintendo or Tsunku♂.
Rhythm Tengoku
Game GBA 1-1.png

Game GBA 1-2.png

Game GBA 1-3.png

Game GBA 1-4.png

Game GBA 1-5.png

Game GBA 2-1.png

Game GBA 2-2.png

Game GBA 2-3.png

Game GBA 2-4.png

Game GBA 2-5.png

Game GBA 4-3.png

Game GBA 5-5.png

Rhythm Heaven
Game DS 1-1.png

Game DS 1-2.png

Game DS 1-3.png

Game DS 1-4.png

Game DS 2-1.png

Game DS 2-2.png

Game DS 2-3.png

Game DS 2-4.png

Game DS 3-1.png

Game DS 3-2.png

Game DS 3-3.png

Game DS 3-4.png

Rhythm Heaven Fever
Game Wii 1-1.png

Game Wii 1-2.png

Game Wii 1-3.png

Game Wii 1-4.png

Game Wii 2-1.png

Game Wii 2-2.png

Game Wii 2-3.png

Game Wii 2-4.png

Game Wii 3-1.png

Game Wii 3-2.png

Game Wii 3-3.png

Game Wii 3-4.png

Rhythm Heaven Megamix
Game 3DS ctrStep L.png

Game 3DS ctrFruitbasket L.png

Game 3DS ctrInterprerter L.png

Game 3DS ctrChameleon L.png

Game 3DS ctrWoodCat L.png

Game 3DS ctrDotsamurai L.png

Game 3DS ctrSumou L.png

Game 3DS ctrBlanco L.png

Game 3DS ctrTango L.png

Game 3DS ctrPillow L.png

Game 3DS ctrBear L.png

Game 3DS ctrTeppan L.png


Artwork 3DS Rupert.png
August 30, 2023
Rhythm Heaven Wiki is now officially part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance!
August 3, 2023
Rhythm Heaven Wiki has gone indie! Please see here to help migrate.
March 27, 2023
The Nintendo eShop has ended service! North American copies of Rhythm Heaven Megamix can no longer be purchased.
November 11, 2022
Rhythm Heaven Wiki got a new logo, courtesy of Tailx!
May 31, 2022
We are proud to announce that Tox has been promoted to bureaucrat! Congratulations!

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