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  • Voice: Unknown
  • Cicada[1] (シカーダ[2]?, Shikāda) is a playable character controlled by Player 2 in Kung Fu Ball in Rhythm Heaven Fever.


    Young Cricket's Character Trailer for WarioWare Gold[3] and one of Mantis's artworks in the Break Room in WarioWare: Get It Together! show a young Cicada training alongside Young Cricket under Master Mantis. A little older, Cicada trains with Young Cricket in Kung Fu Ball in Rhythm Heaven Fever as one of the kappa's students. In the game, they must kick and punch a ball back and forth without dropping it, as well as using special techniques such as Heat Fu (ひー・ふー・?, Hi~ fu~) and Great Bird Claw Spike (ほいこ~ろ~?, Hoiko~ ro~), with the ultimate goal being to break the ball open. This appearance is depicted in the aforementioned Character Trailer as well. It is implied that Cicada disappeared at some point after this, as she has not been seen or mentioned by Young Cricket or Master Mantis in the present day for many of the games in the WarioWare Series.

    Cicada makes her return in Cricket & Mantis's stage, Battle on Flashfreeze Cape!, in WarioWare: Move It![4] While Young Cricket and Master Mantis are catching fish at Flashfreeze Cape, their campfire roast is interrupted by a sudden snowstorm. As they are getting their bearings, they dodge a quick attack from a pack of penguins sent by a group of buff penguins, whose leader then challenges Young Cricket to microcombat. After being defeated, the penguin leader is revealed to be Cicada in disguise. She admits defeat and that she must train harder, and runs off, promising to meet again. While she acknowledges Young Cricket as a fellow disciple, he and Master Mantis don't seem to recognize her. This game gives her a name and dialogue, 12 years after her debut in Rhythm Heaven Fever[1].



    In Other Languages

    Language Name Meaning
    Flag of Japan.svg Japanese シカーダ[5] Cicada
    Flag of the United States.svg EnglishNOA Cicada[5] Follows the insect naming theme with Young Cricket and Master Mantis
    Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg EnglishNOE Cicada[5]
    Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg FrenchNOA Cicada[5]
    Flag of France (1794–1815, 1830–1974, 2020–present).svg FrenchNOE Cicada[5]
    Flag of Mexico.svg SpanishNOA Cicada[5]
    Flag of Spain.svg SpanishNOE Cicada[5]
    Flag of Germany.svg German Cicada[5]
    Flag of Italy.svg Italian Cicada[5]
    Flag of the Netherlands.svg Dutch Cicada[5]
    Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg ChineseSI 琪卡达[5] Cicada
    Flag of the Republic of China.svg ChineseTR 琪卡達[5] Cicada
    Flag of South Korea.svg Korean 시케이더[5] Cicada

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